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11 June 2018 @ 08:06 pm
The summer tour is underway, so that means pictures and videos from the road. Here's 'This Is Our Home' from Yeovil - so glad this song is in the summer set list so more people can hear it :-)

20 May 2018 @ 09:59 am
Today Magne had a live Q&A on Facebook. He spent about an hour answering questions about all kinds of things - and it seems there is so much to look forward to from him in the coming year(s) (he mentioned something in 2021 already, so that's quite a pipeline..!).

I am not generally a patient person, but by now I know that in Magne's world good things can't be rushed - and that they are always worth the wait. Waiting for something you know will make you happy is great; anticipation feeds the imagination and makes you reach forward instead of looking backwards, both of which I absolutely need more of in my life. It's when you don't know something good is on the way that waiting is so difficult ;-)

Too much to summarize here, you can catch up by reading the thread here. You know me enough by now to know which answers made me happy, I hope you find things to make you smile, too :-)

p.s. Wearing blue again!

p.p.s. It took some time, but I am now firmly on Team Beard. I know this is an unpopular team to be on, but I can't help it! When I see the beard, I know he's in 'art mode' and/or just doing his own thing.

06 May 2018 @ 08:40 pm
According to an article in Dagsavisen, Magne has a busy rest of the year ahead:

"When I met him earlier this week he mentioned the summer's 40 concerts long tour with A-ha as the "summer job". This year he will have seven exhibitions in Norway, two in the United States and one in London. Plus two exhibition projects with Apparatjik, the super group he works next to A-ha, and exhibition in Cologne. Last week, the news was that he will be a festival artist at the Norwegian Film Festival, in Haugesund's Photo Gallery in August."

With all this in the pipeline, I think it's safe to say he's also had a busy year so far, preparing for all this. Where does he get the energy from? I could use some of that ;-)

Unfortunately I won't get to any more a-ha shows this year, although not from lack of interest or effort. The show I most want to go to is Tel Aviv, of course, but it's very close to my son's high school graduation. We'll have family in town, and already have a lot of plans that week, including his college orientation. Terrible timing, but there's nothing to be done about it - thankfully I am quite used to my heart being in two places at once, and I hope the guys have a really wonderful visit to Israel. Maybe there will be some pictures posted of them seeing the sights, that would be amazing.

Like many of you who are in the US, I'm hoping at least one of those exhibitions will be within a reasonable distance from me. I definitely won't be able to get to Norway or Germany this year, so the only other option is London. My family will be there on vacation in August, and it would be amazing for an exhibition to coincide with our trip.

In any case, if you are one of the lucky ones who will see Magne's works in person this year, I hope you will share pictures on Instagram and tag them so the rest of us can experience them a little, too :-)
13 March 2018 @ 08:38 am
Totally. Wearing. Blue.

And totally, wonderfully, much-needed weird. Loved seeing this in my Twitter feed today :-)

Please say there will soon be ear worms and cheese doodles and mirrored knickknacks in our collective future/past/parallel lives.

27 February 2018 @ 09:01 am
I've come to the realization that this blog has taken itself far too seriously for far too long - time for a little fun :-)

Do you miss Magne A as much as I do? I'm sure he's around, just not visible online anywhere we can see. Perhaps he is hiding?

Perhaps he is drying his hair? (Edit: that's totally Jonas, isn't it? my bad!)

With luck, he's thinking about rocking out with new songs we'll get to hear some day...

The other day I was reminded how epic Roskilde was, I wish I could watch the full show again somewhere online. Magne A and the rest were absolutely brilliant that night.

Apparatjik inTWO Roslo from somehome.org on Vimeo.

Knowing him, he's probably multi-tasking.

I hope that wherever he is, he's smiling, because that thought makes me happy. You don't mind if I post this one again, do you?

Chances are that wherever he is, he's wearing blue. I mean there's like a 85-90% chance the shirt he has on today is blue, amirite? (not a complaint)

Come back, Magne A, you've been gone too long! There is not nearly enough awesome weirdness in my life right now ;-)
15 February 2018 @ 08:58 am
Just back the other day from the two a-ha shows in Oslo, and catching up on housework and work work and my other work work. I've got a lot to say about Oslo that I am organizing in my brain while other things are going on, no doubt I'll settle down to write one of my classic long-ish semi-off-topic blogs here soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to post an update that Amazon came through for me inexplicably last month, after multiple delays and confusing status updates on the delivery of my copy of 'Imprints'. I had thought it would be faster to obtain a copy if I bought the book in Oslo, but then I received a shipping notice, and a few days later that beautiful book showed up at my house, on January 19th - even earlier than one of the previous delivery dates.

Anyway, how and when it got to me is significantly less important right now than expressing just how stunning and wonderful and beautiful this book is. It's clear from the texture of the cover to the choice of paper throughout, as well as the careful layout of information, essays, poetry and photos, that every choice about developing this book was a kind of proud and deliberate curation of material about this vast project. The book itself is art, anything less would not be worthy to reflect the scope and - sorry - impact of these works.

The first night, I spent some time reading through the poems. There are far too few to satisfy me after such a long word drought, but for the purpose of this book I think the selection is perfect. So many are familiar, like old friends; a few are not familiar yet. And on every page in the side margin, you will find the date of original publication, quietly noting each poem's place on a creative timeline, should that be important to you. If memory serves, there are only 2-3 poems from this decade. The rest hail from what feels like another century, a very different time. Those combined qualities of familiarity and distance reinforce for me the sense of timelessness I have felt when visiting the sculpture park. It's amazing to sit with a book thousands of miles away and have words on a page bring back to life the wonder and fascination of experiencing the park in person.

Believe it or not, I have only flipped through the photos quickly on several occasions, and I have only read the introduction once; I haven't read the essays or looked at the photos in detail yet. Part of the reason for that is my schedule has been crazy over the past month, but also I want to draw out the process of absorbing this book for as long as possible :-) I'm particularly fascinated with the photos of the process of making the atrium letter bricks, that will be the next part of the book I spend some serious time with.

It truly is a beautiful book, as I said a work of art in itself. Get your hands on a copy, spend some time with it, you won't regret it.


Speaking of regret, I didn't get out to Fornebuporten on this trip to Oslo, and I am disappointed about that. I've been to the sculpture park the last three times I went to Oslo, and didn't think anything would prevent me from making that touchpoint on this trip as well - especially because I still haven't seen the completed park, it was still being constructed when I was there in May 2016.

On some level I am glad I didn't get there, though. When I last visited in winter, it was during the Nobel Peace Prize concert weekend in December 2015, and I was carrying heavy grief with me. My father had just been treated for septic shock and was settled back in his rehab home, doing well enough for me to be able to travel without worry, but at that point his 18 months of illness had taken a toll on his reserves of strength. I think it was the first time I seriously thought about the possibility of losing him - he'd had some close calls, several bouts on a respirator, very scary stuff - but somehow I never wrapped my brain around the idea of my first hero, the strongest and bravest man I knew, losing his battle with this sickness. But on that dark night, wandering alone across the atrium and reading poetry by the light shining from the Christmas tree and the office buildings above, considering the timelessness of the works being installed for generations to enjoy, it put me in mind of how short a time we all have here.

In September 2015 I had visited the park on a sunlit, warm day. My father was walking again and expecting to return home very soon. We texted a lot on that trip, and when I got back I told him all about the park. He was fascinated, even saying he might like to see it himself some day. I was so full of hope for him then, so you can imagine the contrast a few months later when I returned in the dark of winter and hope was reduced to a tiny spark. I didn't recognize it then, but I was grieving the living - I've done some reading on this lately and it makes sense now, that when we begin to know the loss of a dear one is coming, we begin the process of grieving.

I've written about associations in the past, about deliberately creating them or trying to avoid creating them, because for me these emotional connections can be powerful. They are imprints in a way, etched into the surface of my heart, perhaps eventually to smooth away or grow deeper, as experience and time moves on. Anyway, my associations with the park, particularly in winter, now include that profound experience of pre-loss grief for my father, and I have no idea what it would have been like to visit last weekend so close to the second anniversary of his death. So maybe it was good that I missed it this time.

I'll just have to visit again sometime when the days are long and I have ample time to read the poetry on the sculptures, and I can sit and eat my lunch outside, like I did on that warm, sunny September day :-)

All this to say - in yet another way, because I've definitely said it before - that art and place have meaning well beyond what an artist has in mind when creating them. And 'Imprints' as a project, as a whole, has meaning for me that is very different than for any other person, because of these experiences and associations. There are endless possibilities related to these works, it boggles my mind sometimes considering how many ways people will interact with and experience the park over the coming decades, long beyond the time when it was first conceived as an idea and Magne accepted his commission.

Wonderful :-)
09 January 2018 @ 10:24 pm
Months ago, I ordered a copy of 'Imprints' on Amazon. The 'release date' has changed several times, despite the fact that it was published in October. Previously the expected shipping date was November 21, then it was changed to January 23, and now there is no longer any date listed, it just says 'This title has not yet been published'. At this rate, I think it makes sense to cancel my order and buy a copy when I am in Oslo for the a-ha shows in February. If any of you are still waiting for the book, you might try the same thing if you are traveling there, or ask a friend in Norway to buy it and ship it to you.

So: a month from today I hope to have my copy :-) I'm confident it's well worth the wait.

Another thing absolutely worth waiting for? Whatever the guys are cooking up ('We eat strange for breakfast') in a Norwegian cabin in the mountains: Post 1 || Post 2
01 December 2017 @ 12:21 pm
OK, this is the last installment in this thread (I think). In order to squish as much as possible into one post to wrap this up, and to save people from lengthy posts in their LJ feed, I'm putting it all behind a cut. Feel free to scroll past or click through, as you see fit :-)

Read MoreCollapse )

I think that about covers what I wanted to say about the song. Including my other posts, I've shared at least four distinct frameworks for understanding the meaning behind the lyrics, there may be more of course, showing yet again that Magne has a knack for writing songs and poetry that can be interpreted in many different ways. This was a long one, thanks for reading to the end :-) 
26 November 2017 @ 11:59 am
A few updates from Magne's world, but first I wanted to say that the tone of frustration in my previous post about the inspiration for 'This Is Our Home' was not aimed at Magne, it was a result of the situation that prompted him to write it. It's great that he took the opportunity of writing a song that makes such a statement and that the guys got behind it - and not only made it the first song in the live set, but also the first song premiered to the public before the unplugged release. That seems to say something important, which maybe a lot of people didn't catch on to.

I think one of the reasons I reacted strongly to finding out the inspiration for the song is that we usually don't; Magne rarely says straight out, 'This is what I was intending to convey when I wrote this song/poem.' A couple of exceptions that come to mind are 'Differences' and 'Money Tree', which were fairly obvious statements. He usually lets his audience think and feel and respond to his work in their own ways, he doesn't cram Important Messages down people's throats or go into Artist Diva mode when people Misunderstand Him.

That's one of the things I appreciate about his work, I feel free to experience it for myself and I don't feel stupid for 'not getting it'. And as I have said many times here, another thing I love about his work is that you can interpret it in so many ways - there is so much possible meaning beneath the surface if you care to look deeper. I am used to approaching a new song or poem with curiosity and allowing my own meanings and associations to be formed over time - and having the meaning handed to me brought me up short, so to speak. But if he felt strongly enough to explain the larger context of the song, I respect that. And having this information hasn't changed anything in the end; my own associations and connection with the song are as strong as ever.

On to some updates in case you missed this great stuff - and thanks to C for most of this:

~ In an article about the Texture exhibition in Denmark, HM Queen Sonja said of working with Magne: "I've definitely learned something from Magne. He has some experience I have enjoyed. It's great fun to work with him. I think the most important thing I've learned from him is to get rid of it. Do not think too much, just jump into it, says the Queen." (As someone who definitely thinks too much, I need to remember this advice ;-))

The prints photographed for this article are stunning, they definitely do good work together. Such a special collaboration. See more in this video from the exhibition at Galerie MøllerWitt.

~ Another vimeo find of C's, here is a clip of Magne's sculpture workings at Tommerup Keramiske Værksted.

~ I haven't had time to look into the full context around this conference Magne recently spoke at, but this clip gives enough information that you can get a lot out of his remarks about collaboration:

~ In connection with PR for the summer a-ha shows in the UK, the guys have done a bunch of interviews. Some are more substantial than others, and this one with Magne stands out for me. Love this quote:

"It’s still the most exciting the moment for us, I think, is when a new song is on the table and you get excited about the potential of that. I think making moments glow, whether it’s from the studio, from a live stage – its still what it’s all about and that’s always been the case."

~ Further evidence of how great my new boss is: When I told him a-ha is playing in Tel Aviv next summer, he immediately said, "Wow, you get to go home." No other explanation needed, he understood how amazing that news was and that I'd want to be there. Meanwhile, my husband is not too enthusiastic about the idea for several (boring and practical) reasons, so I guess it may not work out. But usually I can find a way to follow my heart, so who knows? :-)

~ Last but certainly not least, actually quite big news: Magne has been appointed an honorary doctor by the University of Adger. You can find the announcement here, and this week Magne will be interviewed by Karl Oluf, who is an associate professor at the University. Details about that event are here.
23 October 2017 @ 11:49 pm
So many things going on these days in Magne's world, some of which I have to admit snuck by me - I think there are currently (or close enough) five exhibitions featuring his work, can that be right?! - even as there has been a ton of unplugged promo activity. Surely Magne has found a way to have more hours in a day than anyone else. Maybe he's a time lord, maybe he has a time turner, who knows? I wish he'd let me in on his secret, there is so much I'd like to get done if only there was enough time :-)

~ From October 12, Expo Nova exhibition opening and 'Imprints' book launch: article with photos || Facebook gallery

~ This deserves its own item: video of Magne speaking at the Expo Nova opening, in which he reads the poem 'Learn to Love Doubt' click here, you'll thank me (and White Canvas) later

~ From Forlaget Press about 'Imprints': photo of Magne with book and project description; the book is out now in Norway, but those of us in North America won't get our copies until November 21 or so.

~ Texture exhibition in Denmark: Nov 2-25

~ Magne has designed this year's breast cancer awareness pin for Rosa sløyfe: article and photos || video

~ Also, my boss - who is not even remotely interested in a-ha, but knows how much their music means to me - listened to the unplugged album over the weekend with his fiancee, while driving around doing errands and whatnot. He told me today that they loved 'This is our home' so much that they are playing it at their wedding for their first dance <3

~ My facebook feed showed me my posts from three years ago today, when I arrived in Fosnavog for the Apparatjik show, and my west coast driving adventures. I am still so grateful for that experience, and for the kindness of friends and strangers :-)

~ My last two posts were somehow showing out of order - I used a new app for one of them - and I finally just re-posted the second one so they would show in the right order. Also, a good friend messaged me and said I shouldn't let the larger meaning of 'This is our home' deter me from writing about it if I want to, and that 'the bad guys win if you hold back about something that matters to you'. She said this in a humorous way, but I absolutely saw her point ;-) Maybe I will write more after all.