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in case you missed it

The Queen Sonja Print Award Gallery in Oslo has an Instagram account. The account features various graphic art, including this most recent photo of a work of Magne's:

The location of the gallery looks beautiful, I will definitely make a stop there next time I am in Oslo. The city has already changed so much since I was last there in December 2019 — the Munch museum will be another must-see. 

Also, there was this post from Ocean Sound Recordings in Giske:

I know you didn't miss the last two songs from Magne, including 'you have what it takes', posted nearly two weeks ago:

The clip was viewed over 10,000 times in less than 24 hours, which is incredible. I wonder what Magne thought as he saw the views going up and up at a rate much faster than the previous songs. I never get tired of saying his songs are beautiful, they touch my soul, they bring me hope, and this one is no exception. 

More soon. In the meantime, happy spring!

P.S. I see that the embedded instagram posts only show if you're logged in to LiveJournal. Going to see if I can fix the way they display for those not logged in (I imagine that's most of you). 


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