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It's good to want things

(reused title, sue me ;-))

This new LJ editor easily embeds posts from social media. Look how easily. I may have to start liking this.

Now this is more like it. Sure, it's a double-tease — first, the art is shown at an angle so we can't see it clearly; second, we can't have more songs until the previous one reaches 10k views?! can that be right? — but also it's promising of both new art and music, so that cancels things out nicely. 

If you zoom your browser in to 200% (haha) you can see a lot of the words in the piece:

  • colossal
  • vastly
  • bigly (and this is one of the smallest words!)
  • extra
  • super 
  • special
  • plus
  • brave
  • grand
  • new
  • bold
  • unusually
  • awesomely
  • limitless
  • sensational
  • shocking
  • boost

I'm getting an uplifting, encouraging vibe, so I'm sure any of the incorrect and/or missing words are similarly great :-) Now the mention of something 8 times as big could mean this piece is a scaled version of the full thing in a much larger format, or it's an extract from something larger. Or it's not part of the larger piece at all, I guess. Yet more mystery, oh how my brain likes to be occupied with this stuff, especially when I know the answers are forthcoming.

But look, 10k limit?! If I'd known that, I would have watched the latest clip more on IGTV rather than listening to the mp3 on my iPhone ;-) This afternoon I opened the app and just let the video play on repeat to help the view count. Need. More. Music. I am not above nudging the numbers higher for my own diabolical purposes. Don't judge me! Anyway you don't dangle new music and set a view goal if you don't expect your fans to generate the result you want LOL.

I bet the latest video gets a ton of views over the weekend, and we get a new song AND a glimpse of the colossal, bold, limitless, brave new art around the same time next week sometime.  


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