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whatever it takes to be free

I set aside time tonight to write about 'I'm In'. Knowing time is short, knowing I have too much to say and not enough time to craft the words in a way I'd be satisfied with. I thought maybe if I gave myself a deadline, I'd get it on paper. You'll see how that went!

I listened to the song twice. As I normally do. Twice, ok, three times. As many times as I needed to.
Wrote up the lyrics, with question marks in a couple of places ('whatever you want or mean' or 'whatever you want or need'? or something else?).
Sat in the quiet for a minute. Went over to Twitter because I can't stop doomscrolling these days.
Ok the doom is mixed with hope, because soon the Trump presidency will be over, but in truth that won't be the end of the work our country and the world needs to do, there is so much more to do. But I am hopeful that the right people will be empowered to lead and to help bring about the change we need, over time.
As I scrolled my feed, I saw a post from Playbill sharing a new Spotify playlist, 'Broadway Lullabies', with "Let some of the theatre's gentlest tunes lull you off to dreamland tonight." Following 'I'm In', this seemed like just the thing I needed. I immediately opened up and scanned the song list, which is absolutely wonderful.
Just played 'Not while I'm around' and almost burst into tears. Don't we all need that kind of devotion and that feeling of being protected? Especially now?
Next I skipped to 'Dear Theodosia' to round out a heartbreaking, yet uplifting, trilogy. I need a 20 minute hug now.

The truth is I have too much to say about 'I'm In' to do it justice quickly. I need more time with it, with every word and every note. I guess I can quickly say what I said before: my heart needed this song, especially now. I wish everyone could have this song, and it makes me sad that the audience for it is so limited when so many people are in pain, suffering, alone.

What a gift of beauty and honesty.

No doubt I will write about the Oslo concert and the IGTV tracks in more depth soon. You know how blogs won't let me go until I get them written.
I had thought we'd have more songs from Magne around this time, based on his posts, but maybe he changed his mind or is deciding what to share next. When you have a lot to say, sometimes it takes time. I know all about that, and I'm happy to wait - on both him and myself ;-)

Oh and happy new year x  

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