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new magne f album

Just posting this here to make sure everyone gets the word (not that this is a huge community or anything LOL). Magne posted this on his MySpace page the other day:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


new magne f album

hey there, my fellow space-heads.

the general idea behind a record release is to reach as many people as possible,
the notion seemingly that the most important people to reach are those
who have been passionately unresponsive to one's work previously.

well, my friends - stuff that. i'm going for quality over quantity this time!

why waste time chasing strange ears around with you guys already here?
you have found me. you have supported me (stranger than fiction, and for reasons known only to yourselves). this record's for you.

my mailinglist received a pre-order invite last night, and because of the frankly overwhelming response,
i feel that it would be unfair to wait until the intended time of the painting performance described below to tell y'all...

alas, you are hereby cordially invited to:
a) order the new album on
b) wait and download the songs for free here on myspace from the 23rd of jan
c) do both
d) forget the album exists and go on quite gaily obliviously

to make matters nice & complicated i have chosen to make this record as a kind of limited 'collector's edition' only: what you buy is a 10-inch high quality vinyl picture-disc, containing six songs recorded in the south of france in june & september 2007

each album cover is a hand-painted original - all of them parts of a larger work;
the 300 covers are mounted together and painted as a single work during a painting performance to take place in the beautific bell tower at oslo city hall, commencing the 23 of jan 2008.
watch me progress/digress on

note that this is a closed event and can only be viewed online, so no need to badger the nice people at the city hall.

afterwards the painting will be carefully dismantled into its 300 parts,
and each cover numbered and signed by...wait for it; meg, me, moi, mich.

i reckon if i can get my gallerists to tear hair out because the paintings are too cheap,
and you (my record buyers) to tear yours out because the album's so pricey, i will at least get a lot of hair...
and with it perhaps start a small business as a speciality chapeau-shop.

oh, and; with this purchase you also get an enhanced cd with the songs (so you can play the damn thing)
a documentary of the painting performance and a poster of the painting (so you can find your place
in the larger whole, as it were.)

then what?
new songs, new versions, festivals, special-invite rehearsals & gigs, more webcasts...?
who knows. some ideas are turning into plans, some i'll just make up as i go along

watch this space
magne f

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