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Troubled Times part 1

The 'Troubled Times' single and music video are out now (click to download/stream/watch). The video was made with contributions from fans about their experience during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch it here:

There are so many touching and creative video clips, I love the one of the grandson hugging his grandmother from a distance. All of the little peeks at people's daily life are like a gift. People trying to find a way to live life as normal at a very not-normal time; people connecting over the computer; children learning to walk; the standard 'quarantine haircut/shave' clips; the views of nature that may have only been possible because someone had to slow down enough to notice; and more. Just wonderful.

The editing is really well done and the clips tell an authentic, personal, interwoven story that makes you feel like part of something bigger than yourself.


There is a pond near my house with a fountain in it. We've driven by it or walked by it hundreds of times since we moved here 21 years ago. Every Memorial Day weekend, our community has a summer kickoff party around the shore of this pond, complete with carnival rides and games, food trucks, a beer garden, and fireworks. My son's high school graduation party was at the club house next to the pond, and one year his group of friends took their group prom photos there. We spend summer days at the community pool next to the pond, and the swim team holds its awards ceremony on the field nearby, followed by a pool party. My son and I have been walking 2-3 miles a day since late March, taking various neighborhood routes depending on how much time we have and how many miles we want to get in, and the route by the pond is our most common choice because it's the most beautiful.

This year the pool is closed, and there was no Memorial Day summer kickoff party for the first time in decades. Every time I walk by the pond now, I think about all the fun memories we have there and the friends we share them with, and my hope for better days when we can all gather there again.

The week that videos were requested for the 'Troubled Times' video, we tried several times to record interesting videos along our walking routes. On the day of the deadline, it was a little overcast and time was short, and we knew it was our last chance to record something to send in.

As we approached the pond that morning, we saw a blue heron standing near the shore. They are pretty rare in my area, so rare that when anyone in my neighborhood spots one, we text the group and say where we've seen it ;-) So without even talking about it, we both knew we had to try to record the heron for my video.

We were at the street side of the pond, trying to inch toward the bird without disturbing it, when it flew off to the far shore. We slowly wandered to where the heron was standing in the shallow water, trying not to alarm it. Amazingly, I was able to get fairly close to it, and started filming as I approached. I knew it was likely to take off and fly away, and I wanted to catch this in my video - and sure enough, he rose up and flew past a willow towards the fountain in the middle of the pond. I stopped recording and allowed myself to breathe :-)

My video represents so much to me, both the memories from many years around the pond, and the memories of my daily walks with my son during these strange, quiet times. And it's clear from all the wonderful videos that are part of the video that they each represent significant experiences and parts of people's lives. I can imagine Magne and his son going through all the clips, creating the storyboard and making the difficult decisions about which clips to include. And I can imagine how much they enjoyed having the project to work on together during these times, as well.

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