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With new song lyrics comes a new opportunity to wonder how the hell Magne can write what's inside our own heads. I love that his songs make me think, it's what keeps me coming back to them.

I don't know about you guys, but I felt a bit bruised after reading the lyrics the first few times. Where PPFT was a raw introspective, DOB seems to be pushing outward with that same raw honesty. Magne doesn't sugar coat about himself or about others. However the overall tone seems to be one of reassurance somehow. But that isn't the whole picture, by a long shot. There is a bond implied throughout, a complex bond that can't be described in neat little categories such as 'love relationship' or 'friendship'. It's a shame there are only six songs, that must be as far as Magne wanted to go with these themes.

Favorite lines:

"a dry desert plain that begs for more than casual conversation"
"so take a day off from your life and spend it here with me"
"what doesn't break you only makes you stronger"
"with these words we're even; forgotten not forgiven"
"you shouldn't have to worry all that much - shouldn't have to think about this stuff"
"you are more than good enough"
"silence everything. silence always wins"
"one of these days I will make sense of it, and put things in their right place"
"but there's a line you cross you don't come back. where self-defense is self-attack"
"there are so many things to hide behind"

Oh, and I keep wondering if 'Running out of reasons' has changed significantly since Magne posted the instrumental on his MySpace page. The music is beautiful, I could listen to it on an endless loop. Like 'Dragonfly,' I listen to it and my mind wanders off on some pleasant path, to be brought up short when the song ends and I realize I haven't really heard it and must start it again.

Speaking of hearing the songs, there are only five days left until we can download them from MySpace. January 23rd will be a pretty big day for Magne and his fans - I am thinking of taking a day off from work so I can be online for all of it ;-)

So what are your general impressions of the new lyrics? You can find them here.
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