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new music by association

I've found a lot of great music through Magne over the years. If you're looking for new music these days, check these out:

Filip Clements - Magne's son is releasing new songs every few days on his Instagram and Soundcloud. It's great how he posts IG stories to thank people who share his music. He obviously has his father's gift for crafting longing:

"You’re on the other side of the globe now
You’re all I want still and remember that"

Martin Terefe - His new album, 'The Involuntary Gardiner' is out this coming Friday. Check out some clips on his Instagram, and the first two singles, 'The Involuntary Gardiner' and 'Breaking'. If you're interested, there is vinyl and art goodness on his web site. I pre-ordered the album a while back and I haven't looked forward to a new album as much in a while (apart from WXL, of course ;-)).

Jonas Bjerre - His score for the documentary series 'Scandinavian Star' includes 38 tracks, almost two hours of music. Find it on Spotify here. It's really something.

Shaun Bartlett - One of Magne's talents from The Voice, Shaun has been doing some live shows in his home, and playing old and new tracks. Watch one of his live videos here.

Ellen Andrea Wang - I discovered Ellen via the band GURLS, who opened for a-ha in Oslo in 2018. She's a bassist, singer and composer, and her new single is 'Nobody Knows', and it's wonderful.

Edited to add:

Sondre Lerche - Sondre opened for a-ha in Oslo on 2002 and I have followed his releases since then. He recently recorded a concert for NRK that you can watch here

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