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Early in the year, I purchased a new theme for the archive site, and spent several days customizing it. There were some options I really liked about it, but in the end I reverted to my old theme - too much of the content would have had to be edited to look right in the new theme. And honestly, I still like the old one, even though it's apparently not mobile friendly...

Anyway, Wordpress now has some fun new post options, including much better social media post embedding. Since the archive part of the site is taking longer to build out than I had ever planned, I set up a 'social feed' page on the site that will be set on the home page. This way people will quickly see what's new with each visit, and it's easy for me to update on the fly, without a lot of writing or formatting. We'll see how that goes.

I've also updated the Quotes page, and started working on the Videos. There aren't that many new official videos, but there are new media videos that I can add to the different playlists I have on YouTube. One other thing I've done is I've added sidebar ads for Magne's Spotify and YouTube channels.

There is still so much to do, and I'll keep at it as long as I find the project interesting :-)

About Spotify, Magne has been updating his playlists, so be sure to check those out. His 'faves' list was created back in September, and he's added/modified tracks at least six times since then. You can find his playlists here:

1. xmas faves (last update: January 2)
2. magne f faves (last update: January 22)
3. songs i wish received some more love - not every song can be a hit - but every song can find someone who will appreciate it. (last update: September 19)
4. magne furuholmen complete playlist - all or almost all of my solo stuff (last update: November 4)
5. the most underrated album - i produced this album with martin terefe some years ago. it was recorded with tini's vocals and all done live and simultaneously in one big room, real old school. we thought it would take the world by storm, it shoulda. (last update: September 19)

It's still a big disappointment that 'Past Perfect Future Tense' is not available in the US on Spotify. I am sure there are administrative reasons for this, but I do most of my streaming on there, and I hate having to go over to Apple Music just for several albums that are still not on Spotify, including this one (another is 'Winter Days' by Martin Halla, which I'd listen to so much more if I could do it more conveniently). So when I go to the 'complete playlist' I just sigh to myself and make a mental note to go listen to PPFT on Apple Music sometime.

One thing that people may not be aware of is that when an artist has a Spotify Artist account, they often also have a profile. The reason for this is that only profiles can make playlists - artist accounts can't create them. This again must be for some kind of technical reason, but it causes confusion sometimes. So let's say you go to an artist profile, they have 1-2 'featured playlists' and you go to the playlist and follow it - and realize that the account that made the playlist isn't the artist account. Then you wonder if the playlists are really 'official' or if you should follow the profile and not the artist.

Magne's artist account on Spotify is here. His profile account is here. You can and should follow both, and that way you will be able to see all of his playlists, not just the ones featured on his artist profile.

I've been enjoying his 'faves' playlist, he is such a huge inspiration to me that it's interesting to see what songs/artists we might like in common, and which we don't. I used to watch the Monkees TV show back in high school and I had all of their albums at one point, so 'Me & Magdalena' was a delightful inclusion here :-)  I'd heard a lot about Kent but hadn't checked them out before, and the song 'Dom andra' is really good. Must give their other music a listen. Meanwhile I have never understood what the big deal with Radiohead is/was, and the track he included does nothing for me; however I've always resisted Beck, but the song Magne chose here is really growing on me. And of course 'Bedshaped' by Keane is another wonderful selection that I'm happy we both appreciate.

Anyway, I do hope he continues to update his playlist, it's very interesting to hear the music he likes :-)

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