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15th anniversary

Today is the 15th anniversary of this blog! Thank you to everyone who has visited over the years.

I thought it would be interesting to look at my Google Analytics for this blog to see which posts have had the most traffic. I didn't add the code until July of 2013, but even so, some of the posts that predate that are still among the most visited overall, which is interesting.

My highest traffic time period was from March - August, 2015. During this time, I wrote a series of posts attempting to deconstruct various themes in some of Magne's songs. I spent a lot of time on those posts, and they don't include any news, so it makes me happy that people found them interesting enough to visit in such numbers.

Here are the blogs that received the most views in the last 15 years:

1. threads - May 6, 2015
2. threads 2 - May 21, 2015
3. threads 3 - June 8, 2015

This one comes next, and is one of the ones I had the most fun writing :-) I stand behind what I said about how addictive 'We Are Here' is:

"The music is quite happy where it is, firmly ensconced on the couch in my brain, feet up on the table, cheerfully demanding cheese doodles and beer. I might as well let it get comfortable and stay a while. When music invites itself in like this, there is no way to fight it."

4. saturation point - February 5, 2010

Then come the rest of the top 15 posts of the last 15 years:

5. This Is Our Home - July 1, 2017
6. Payne's Gray book - September 14, 2010
7. Sunny Mystery - June 8, 2009
8. The Voice, part 3 - May 28, 2012
9. Moods of Norway - August 28, 2010
10. From the archives - 'The album that changed my life' - May 25, 2011
11. fun with words - August 19, 2011
12. The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator - February 1, 2011
13. apparatjik tv & little a & pixel city - March 31, 2011
14. 'futuristic robot love stories' - January 26, 2012
15. 'Foot of the Mountain' / 'The Longest Night' - April 26, 2009

Speaking of anniversaries, February 1st is the 10th anniversary of the release of 'We Are Here'. I wonder if the 'tjiks will acknowledge that somehow? I've always been into marking the big anniversaries, but not everyone cares about that stuff ;-) Still, those times were so fun and inspiring. It would be great to hear new music from Appararjik, now that Magne's done his first solo album in more than a decade.

Today's big news is that Magne has given us some WXL dates to put on the calendar for 2020 - November 7th and 15th, and December 4th and 5th. With a-ha on tour through November, we can guess that there will be a gig in Berlin on November 7th and a gig in London on November 15th. Some are assuming the December dates will be in Oslo, however a few are saying perhaps New York, because he mentioned the possibility of shows there in an interview with Classic Pop Magazine. It's great he is giving people so much time to plan, I am only hoping I can make it to one of the shows.

Thanks again for visiting here, and I promise to write more soon - my former boss' replacement starts next week, so I should be able to breathe a little more, a least for a couple of weeks... ;-)

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