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This post is about Spotify, so if you don't have an account there, just disregard :-)

Every year Spotify creates a personal annual Top Songs playlist for members, which shows up in your account sometime in December. I didn't save my 2017 playlist, which I am bummed about because looking back I realize it's kind of an interesting musical time capsule from a year of listening. I did save my 2018 playlist and made it public - you can find it here.

One thing I learned from my 2018 playlist is that I have become pretty lazy about finding new music. So many of the songs on there were not released in 2018, and had been on one of my two main private playlists for some time. My habit has been to keep the same playlists going and just add a new song here and there, when the mood strikes me. But here I am paying for a premium account, where I can listen to thousands of artists from around the world - teenage me would have *loved* this, and devoted a ton of time to exploring diverse music - and I am listening to the same relatively few artists and songs over and over.

I was surprised to find that there are only three a-ha songs on my 2018 playlist, until I realized that I usually listen to a-ha on Apple Music because I have their entire catalog there. Same with Magne's music, and Martin Halla's album (three of my favorite albums, 'PPFT', 'Musikk fra filmen Beatles' and 'Winter Days' are not available in the US, sigh). And now that I have a new car that doesn't have a CD player, I stream all my music when I'm driving, which means mostly Spotify. So there is a lot of music I love that I don't listen to as often as I'd like to, and is not on my 2018 playlist.

However! There are some awesome outliers in my 2018 playlist, songs that I re/discovered in various ways; it's also super fun to have songs I played to death in early 2018 show up here after some months out of rotation - like old friends :-) 

As 2019 goes on, I plan to spend more time exploring music on Spotify (I think I may have to become a Deathcab for Cutie fan), diversify what I listen to (I was gratified when Spotify produced a Daily Playlist with almost entirely 70s/80s R&B for me recently), find great songs from the past ('Lean on Me' by Club Nuveau is a new old favorite, as well as 'Power of Two' by Indigo Girls), and basically make my Top Songs 2019 playlist KICK ASS when it shows up in December. I don't want a bunch of songs I've played to death for years on there, I want it to be full of interesting stuff.

Also I'm happy that depending on when 'White Xmas Lies' drops, my 2019 playlist will include new Magne F tracks :-)

If you want to join me in my musical explorations, my first suggestion would be to use the personalized Spotify 'Tastebreakers' playlist to help you find new music. I found Sondre Justad that way, and a Birds of Tokyo song I would never have found otherwise, and so much more. Spotify has a hive brain that can predict what kind of music you might like, and the more you listen, the smarter it gets about this.

Here is the on topic part of this post (wake up! lol):

When you play the music you like, and respond to the Spotify suggested songs for you, you are helping Spotify to build associations in their database for song styles, lyrics keywords, genre classifications, and all kinds of other things - and when Magne's album is released and you listen to that to death (like I will), Spotify will know how to connect other listeners to Magne's music via all these database markers. People who have no idea who he is will log in and find his tracks in their 'Tastebreakers' playlist, hopefully give them a listen, and move on to discover more of his music.

So yes, you can help Magne's future album success by listening to a ton of music all year - what's not to like about that? Win/win :-)

Two more tips:

- Search for Magne's profile on Spotify, and follow him. The more people who search for and follow him, the more his music will be suggested to other people who like artsists similar to the artists you also like. Right now, Magne has 577 followers, and that is total bullshit - sorry, but there are so many more of us out there! Follow. Now.

- Create your own public playlists and include your favorite tracks. The more playlists your favorite artists appear on, the more their music is suggested to others. Also the artists can see what playlists their songs are on, and I can promise you that they appreciate this :-) a-ha's music is on over 2 million user playlists. That is impressive. Let's do what we can to get Magne's music on more user playlists.

P.S. I just created my own 'Dark Music Playlist' in honor of the upcoming dark xmas album. I have no idea what Magne's dark music will sound like, but I do like the concept of 'dark music', so this will include tracks that fit my impression of what that means. You can find it here. 'Pit Viper' is the first song that came to mind when I saw the term 'dark music' - great old tune. I'll add to this over time.

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