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Happy new year, all! I hope you are all well and enjoying the recent updates on Magne's website and Magne's MySpace like I am. Some of the new lyrics hit a bit close to home, but that is the power of good songwriting. Can't wait to hear the new tracks, I already love 'Dot of blackness' and 'Running out of Reasons' (the demo versions, anyway).

I know you're waiting with baited breath for the promised new magne f fan site, and I am too! Been working steadily on it since September when I stumbled on a very cool CSS template that I have since molded to my own diabolical purposes (mwahaha), and began collecting links and information.

The site is about 85% done, and the stuff that's left is not in my hands; my husband devised a brilliant way to manage certain updates via a SQL database so I don't have to hard-code reusable information into the HTML. The beta design worked a charm and now we're back-pedaling slightly to update some other pages this way too.

Everything would have been done by now if all things were equal; however we made the last minute (and essential) decision to move all our sites to a new host server, and in the midst of all the technical nightmares that involved, sadly lost a close family member to cancer. This effectively stalled all progress in many areas of our lives, as you can imagine, however things are on an uphill climb and eventually the website will be back near the top of our priority list once some other more essential things are taken care of.

With all that said, this project has been such a great learning experience for me! I can't wait for you all to see the new site and let me know if you like it :-) In the meantime, I want to thank phoenix_prose and sayuri_x (among others who aren't LJ users) for the use of their excellent graphics!! I even contributed one that I am quite proud of, but want to keep it a surprise for the site launch ;-)

More from me soon, with luck the site will be online in time for whatever release information is coming our way...
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