romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

from the road 4

Thanks to an unexpected break in a project at work, and a bonus that came in at the right time, I am going to the show in Copenhagen this Friday :-) My boss practically insisted that I go, and who am I to argue? We are going to be very busy over the coming months at work, and I probably won't have any time off between September and the end of the year. I texted my bestie in England and she and I booked the trip within 30 minutes - we'll be in Copenhagen from Thursday to Sunday. So excited!

This is from last month, be sure to watch this awesome clip from Israel - Morten went into the audience to shake hands and sign autographs and take photos, and Magne worked the crowd during the Living Daylights singalong. All the clips from that show make it look like a truly special night, but this one is the best for sure:

And now this from the show in Fulda:

Also a great picture taken last night - I can't embed it because it's in a slideshow, but you can find it here (hello, beard!).
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