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A few updates from Magne's world, but first I wanted to say that the tone of frustration in my previous post about the inspiration for 'This Is Our Home' was not aimed at Magne, it was a result of the situation that prompted him to write it. It's great that he took the opportunity of writing a song that makes such a statement and that the guys got behind it - and not only made it the first song in the live set, but also the first song premiered to the public before the unplugged release. That seems to say something important, which maybe a lot of people didn't catch on to.

I think one of the reasons I reacted strongly to finding out the inspiration for the song is that we usually don't; Magne rarely says straight out, 'This is what I was intending to convey when I wrote this song/poem.' A couple of exceptions that come to mind are 'Differences' and 'Money Tree', which were fairly obvious statements. He usually lets his audience think and feel and respond to his work in their own ways, he doesn't cram Important Messages down people's throats or go into Artist Diva mode when people Misunderstand Him.

That's one of the things I appreciate about his work, I feel free to experience it for myself and I don't feel stupid for 'not getting it'. And as I have said many times here, another thing I love about his work is that you can interpret it in so many ways - there is so much possible meaning beneath the surface if you care to look deeper. I am used to approaching a new song or poem with curiosity and allowing my own meanings and associations to be formed over time - and having the meaning handed to me brought me up short, so to speak. But if he felt strongly enough to explain the larger context of the song, I respect that. And having this information hasn't changed anything in the end; my own associations and connection with the song are as strong as ever.

On to some updates in case you missed this great stuff - and thanks to C for most of this:

~ In an article about the Texture exhibition in Denmark, HM Queen Sonja said of working with Magne: "I've definitely learned something from Magne. He has some experience I have enjoyed. It's great fun to work with him. I think the most important thing I've learned from him is to get rid of it. Do not think too much, just jump into it, says the Queen." (As someone who definitely thinks too much, I need to remember this advice ;-))

The prints photographed for this article are stunning, they definitely do good work together. Such a special collaboration. See more in this video from the exhibition at Galerie MøllerWitt.

~ Another vimeo find of C's, here is a clip of Magne's sculpture workings at Tommerup Keramiske Værksted.

~ I haven't had time to look into the full context around this conference Magne recently spoke at, but this clip gives enough information that you can get a lot out of his remarks about collaboration:

~ In connection with PR for the summer a-ha shows in the UK, the guys have done a bunch of interviews. Some are more substantial than others, and this one with Magne stands out for me. Love this quote:

"It’s still the most exciting the moment for us, I think, is when a new song is on the table and you get excited about the potential of that. I think making moments glow, whether it’s from the studio, from a live stage – its still what it’s all about and that’s always been the case."

~ Further evidence of how great my new boss is: When I told him a-ha is playing in Tel Aviv next summer, he immediately said, "Wow, you get to go home." No other explanation needed, he understood how amazing that news was and that I'd want to be there. Meanwhile, my husband is not too enthusiastic about the idea for several (boring and practical) reasons, so I guess it may not work out. But usually I can find a way to follow my heart, so who knows? :-)

~ Last but certainly not least, actually quite big news: Magne has been appointed an honorary doctor by the University of Adger. You can find the announcement here, and this week Magne will be interviewed by Karl Oluf, who is an associate professor at the University. Details about that event are here.

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