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small joys 3

So many things going on these days in Magne's world, some of which I have to admit snuck by me - I think there are currently (or close enough) five exhibitions featuring his work, can that be right?! - even as there has been a ton of unplugged promo activity. Surely Magne has found a way to have more hours in a day than anyone else. Maybe he's a time lord, maybe he has a time turner, who knows? I wish he'd let me in on his secret, there is so much I'd like to get done if only there was enough time :-)

~ From October 12, Expo Nova exhibition opening and 'Imprints' book launch: article with photos || Facebook gallery

~ This deserves its own item: video of Magne speaking at the Expo Nova opening, in which he reads the poem 'Learn to Love Doubt' click here, you'll thank me (and White Canvas) later

~ From Forlaget Press about 'Imprints': photo of Magne with book and project description; the book is out now in Norway, but those of us in North America won't get our copies until November 21 or so.

~ Texture exhibition in Denmark: Nov 2-25

~ Magne has designed this year's breast cancer awareness pin for Rosa sløyfe: article and photos || video

~ Also, my boss - who is not even remotely interested in a-ha, but knows how much their music means to me - listened to the unplugged album over the weekend with his fiancee, while driving around doing errands and whatnot. He told me today that they loved 'This is our home' so much that they are playing it at their wedding for their first dance <3

~ My facebook feed showed me my posts from three years ago today, when I arrived in Fosnavog for the Apparatjik show, and my west coast driving adventures. I am still so grateful for that experience, and for the kindness of friends and strangers :-)

~ My last two posts were somehow showing out of order - I used a new app for one of them - and I finally just re-posted the second one so they would show in the right order. Also, a good friend messaged me and said I shouldn't let the larger meaning of 'This is our home' deter me from writing about it if I want to, and that 'the bad guys win if you hold back about something that matters to you'. She said this in a humorous way, but I absolutely saw her point ;-) Maybe I will write more after all.

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