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'glowing moments'

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend online, who passed along this article. I was just starting my day so I didn't have time to translate it, but she kindly sent me this quick excerpt because she knows how much I love 'This is our home':

"It can immediately give the impression of being about fellowship and belonging on a personal level. But the text is written from a larger perspective."

Apparently Magne considered the election results in the US and how it's an "outcome we all have to live with". He said in the article that he thought that "we're all in this shit together" and tried to make a song that can be read both personally and as a comment on the current "us and them" thinking.


Rather selfishly, my first response was, 'What the fuck else can DT ruin?' Every day I and many others wake up and wonder what kind of fresh hell we'll be thrown into, what kind of news - real or fake - will turn the day into a complete mindfuck and soulsuck. Most of the time I try desperately to hold on to that surreal feeling of 'This can't actually be happening, this is NOT real,' because when I try to comprehend events as reality, I Just. Can't. Even.

I get that we cannot normalize some things, I agree completely with speaking up and standing up for what's right. I also think artists and anyone else with a public voice have the option (note I am not saying 'obligation', because I don't believe in that) to amplify important messages on behalf of those who do not have a voice. At the same time, this sustained situation is becoming fatiguing.

But look, do you blame me for not wanting to associate a song I love so much on such a personal level with this toxic administration? Sure, some fans are now relieved to discover that the song's simple lyrics actually held a much deeper meaning than they expected, but I didn't need a deeper meaning. Ok I'm totally pouting here, and I'll get over it, but {grumble} & {sigh}.

I'd had at least one more blog in mind about the song, but after reading that excerpt from the article, and realizing how crazy off track I was with my associations, I decided I wouldn't write any more about it. I'm sure you all won't miss my semi-off-topic ramblings, though ;-)

This morning, I finally had a chance to put the full article into Google translate, and was so glad I did - there are some interesting bits of information and a few good quotes from Magne (again, not my translations):

"If you make art or pop, there is always a person on the other end that interprets things in their own way."

and in a section titled 'Glowing moments':

"a-ha has received thousands of fan letters from all sides of the world. Many of these tell personal stories related to their experience of the music in concrete situations. 'It's amazing how much a particular song can have meant for someone, and preferably in a completely different way than I thought about initially. Often, I feel the need to answer, to acknowledge that person's connection to the song.'"


"Talking about a new a-ha album is probably easier for him than it has been for a long time: 'It is a united joy about what we now have made. We have experienced a community that we have not had in a long time, the mood is surprisingly uplifting."

So yeah, he is forgiven (for basically being an artist, which I didn't actually fault him for), and I'm happy again. Mostly. Still grieving a little bit about the new layer of meaning for 'This is our home', but that will pass - and the glowing moments will remain.

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