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You guys, I can't wait to hear/watch the MTV unplugged concert. According to a press release making the rounds, the release date is October 6th.

By the time it comes out, the sharp and rough edges of some of my memories will be smothed a bit by time and distance and perspective; and the glowing, bright, heart-filling moments will be brought back to me - to all those of us who were there - to experience again. I hope the finished product meets the expectations and hopes of those who were there and those who weren't, equally. Not sure how realistic that is, my guess is those of us who were there have built up so many personal impressions and associations that it's possible we may wind up disappointed. I'm trying not to worry too much about that, though. After all, it's completely out of our hands. We have to trust the guys to reflect the real experience we shared with them, and I believe they will :-)

I have so much to say about 'This Is Our Home', but I want to hold off on that until people have a chance to hear it first. But if you're like me, you might have heard the title and thought, 'Magne has written some poems about home..." And maybe you went to go look for them, to bring them back into focus while you wait to hear the song? Maybe there is some connection, a thread or theme you can pick up on when you put the song and his previous writings about home together in October?

When David and I chose our seats on the first night of the recordings, we were in the front row of chairs behind an aisle where a large camera moved back and forth to film the show. We noticed as soon as we sat down that the camera had a set list taped to it, and I felt rather than knew that the first track must be written by Magne.

My mind immediately went back to a poem Magne posted on MySpace in October 2006: 'This is you, this is yours, you are home.' Here is the full poem:

re-open the door
you have been here before
so enter the room
walk up to the window
look out at your life
sit down in that chair
it has always been there
for your thoughts
climb up the stairs
slow, like a dream
do not faint or you fall
walk on down the hall
you know every picture
that hangs on this wall
lie down on the bed
of memories made
and of words that were said
think back to before
this is you, this is yours
you are home

If you are thinking this song will evoke in the listener any of those memories or sentiments (from the time or as above), I can only tell you that it doesn't for me. It seems completely different, although I didn't have the poem in front of me of course, and the lyrics of the song are fading in my memory, so who knows?

Magne has written about home a few times, in fact you can do a term search on that URL I posted from the MySpace blogs and find six poems with the word 'home' in them, if you're interested ;-) All worth reading again if you haven't seen them in a while. But IMO none of them will give you a clue as to the main theme of the new song, it is just an interesting way to look back at the poems, by searching for a particular concept or theme.

More on home soon. In the meantime, best wishes to Magne and Heidi on their 25th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated this week in Italy. Their sons posted some wonderful and very personal pictures of the couple on Instagram, and I can't help thinking this could be their home. Home isn't only a place, it's a feeling, and this looks a lot like home. Beautiful <3

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