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This Is Our Home

You've probably seen by now that a-ha opened their two acoustic shows last week with a new song written by Magne called 'This Is Our Home'.

Don't worry, no real spoilers here - but I will share the reactions I heard from those I spoke with in Giske, to give you some context. It seemed everyone liked it well enough, although what normally happened in conversation was a comparison between Magne's new song and Paul's new song, which I guess was natural. And unsurprisingly, those who are known Magne fans liked his song better, and those who are known Paul fans liked his song better. So....that doesn't help much at all, does it? ;-)

I loved it, of course. When the first show opened with an unfamiliar song, and none of us knew what to expect, I think we were all on the edge of our seats - it was a brilliant choice to open the set with a new song for this reason. If they'd opened with a known song, they would have had to figure out which known song would most effectively set the tone for the whole set. New was good, definitely.

I had a feeling pretty early on that the song was written by Magne, but others confirmed this hunch after the show. A few people pointed out, 'Of course it was Magne's, Paul barely had anything to do on that song...' and clearly the other new song had to be by Paul, because he was totally involved in it.

The lyrics of both songs were also dead giveaways for most people. Particularly the refrain of Paul's song reminded me of 'Half of the Time' from Savoy (although it took me days to figure out that was the song that was nagging the back of my brain..!). Some people said Magne's lyrics were 'simple' but not in a bad way; more like they were easy to pick up and the melody was more moving for them than the words.

So, having seen the first night's show, I knew that I really wanted to listen closely to 'This Is Our Home' on the second night, to absorb as much as possible of the song and how it made me feel, to tide me over until I can listen to the album in 4-5 months' time. I sat very still and paid very little attention to anything around me, which is a good thing because my friend David (who was sitting in front of me) said that there were several cameras recording nearby - and one of them was focused on the row I was sitting in, because the people I was next to were interviewed for a documentary. The director probably wanted to capture their reactions to the music to include in the piece he was doing about them, and depending on how he edits it, the whole world will see my honest reaction to the song, as well. Weird.

I can't wait for everyone to hear the new songs and particularly 'This Is Our Home', which I think will go down really well in the larger live setting during the tour. Just a few months to wait until I can listen again, and people will share their reactions to it :-)

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