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In keeping with my last post, I'm going to try to share more things that make me happy, and are at least loosely on topic ;-)

~ Thanks to Jakob, we know that Magne played synths on the song 'I Natt Blir Du Fri' on Janove Ottesen's new album 'Artisten & Marlene'. The album is really good overall, and this track is one of my favorites, it makes me happy every time I hear it. Random aside: I saw Janove perform at a Norwegian church in NYC on May 17, 2013 with some friends, I was standing behind and to the left of the person who filmed this clip. He's an amazing piano player, and a very talented songwriter.

~ Have you ever bought a concert ticket for a show you aren't even sure you can attend, but the possibility alone is enough to make you super happy? Well I bought a ticket for one of the Mew/Coldplay shows in Sweden in June, just in case I happen to be in Norway around that time and can manage to make it over to Gothenburg that night. How cool would it be to see both Mew and Coldplay in one night?! It's a bit of a stretch, I don't really expect it to work out, but I am happy to have a ticket in case the planets align.

~ I saw that Janove is performing at Over Oslo that same weekend, but when I went to buy a 'just in case' ticket for that, I found out it is sold out. But that's ok, it was fun to imagine having the possibility of the chance of seeing him within a couple of days of Coldplay and Mew :-)

~ In an interview in Krigsropet, Magne said of the sculpture park in Fornebuporten, "This isn't a park that shows itself off, instead it's hiding. Sometimes we have to walk around and search for things. It's a journey of discovery, and I hope it triggers a sense of wonder." That's exactly how I feel about the park, and I'm interested to read that even more features have been added since the opening in June. There will be a lot more for me to experience the next time I go there.

More to come ~

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