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I received the book QSPA 5 for my birthday last month. It is a really wonderful book, including details about the Queen Sonja Print Award's 5 year history, as well as the collaboration between HM Queen Sonja and Magne on 'Texture'. There are photos of the works and their working process, as well as photos of the award nominees' works, interviews with the juries, and poetry by the author.

The book was written by Lars Saabye Christensen, whose writing impressed me as incredibly rich and knowledgeable, as well as somewhat poetic. It took less than a page for me to find myself an admirer of his craftsmanship with language. Actually I've been sitting here in front of my computer with the book open for a while, paging through it, trying to find a way to express what engages me so thoroughly, or how his texts have a wonderful balance between informative and imaginative. There are interesting reflections there, and I learned more than I expected to, and on a level I rarely have the opportunity to experience lately. I'm hungry for more, there isn't enough of it!

"Seeing is not only about presence, about the moment, about the situation; it is just as much about recollection, memories, about all your ages and calendars. Art can open up spaces of time that put you in a context you didn't think was possble. That is a profound joy: suddenly to recognize something you haven't seen before. It's like falling in love.' Exactly this. I feel like I have been struggling to understand and explain this precise concept in regard to art for a long time, and here is my own experience written down for me to discover as if it is a new thing. A new thing that fits perfectly.

The reason I bring up this book now - beyond the obvious, which is to encourage you to get your hands on it if you have the interest, you won't regret it - is a short passage on page 63. The author tells of Kjell Nupen's advice to Magne about how an artist has to spend time in a gallery when the pictures are all hanging and before the public comes in, to have his own last encounter with the pictures before abandoning them. This story immediately reminded me of this picture of Magne at Fornebuporten, perhaps having that last encounter with one of the works before the official opening of the park:

Yes, I still have 'Imprints' on the brain, and I do still plan to write about this video sometime soon. These days I picture the park covered in snow, and I am nostalgic for last December when I was there because of the Nobel concert :-)

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