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For those who might be interested, I've posted a selection of my pictures from Fornebuporten on Flickr here. It was interesting to look at them again after all this time and absorb the details once more.

In a blog last year I wrote:

"I was surprised by how much even this 'incomplete' experience touched me. One of the letters actually moved me to tears, right there on the spot - I had to pause and blink them away, lifting my eyes from the ground to a neutral point for a moment before I could see clearly again."

A couple of people asked me which letter had such a strong effect on me - it was the 'n'. Hopefully I have transcribed the text right:

I want these words
to be your church floor
and bear witness
to your sacrifice
I want them to mean even more
A place of worship in itself
I want my thoughts
to sooth and comfort you
and all things dead
inside of you
to rise again
for love has died
but not in vain
your saintly form
as etched into
the walls of me
echoes of some long lost litany
your body like a hymn
- sublime arches
stretching yearningly
into the sky
and to think
there was I

Although the other works were not all installed when I was there in May, I was glad to have the chance to look around and see what I could. Part of an old favorite poem is pressed on the surface of a large block, originally posted on Magne's MySpace page on December 5, 2006:

how she takes refuge in herself
how she must do this;
for there is nothing else
how she is scared and hurt
and betrayed by fate
how she must concentrate
to be her own girl
in a world
where everyone
blends with someone else
how she is hurt and brave
in the face of truth
for she believed love
when it told her to wait
and so she waits

I love that poem, and it makes me glad to know people will read words from it down through the years; in passing or with full attention, slightly obscured under a light dusting of snow or glistening from rain; part of a story in strong relief for those who care to notice. One of many stories, no doubt.

There are many poems and lyrics throughout the works that have associations for me, as I am sure is the case for so many others. I can't wait to get my hands on the book about the project and return to the park to see it now that it is complete. I have no idea when I will get back to Norway, but I hope it will be soon.

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