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rainy day

For some reason, whenever it rains, I like to listen to 'Past Perfect Future Tense.' Especially when I'm driving. I don't think the album is depressing or anything, but there is something about the tone and mood of the songs that fit in perfectly with a rainy day. When I am driving in the rain, I take things a little slower, absorb more details around me and just basically chill out more. It's definitely a 'chill out' album. Today is a 'chill out' day.

The other day I heard a rumor that Magne would be doing some solo gigs in Norway in August (read more here), and now I have it in my head that I really want to see Magne F live again soon - it has been too long. I know I go on and on about what a great experience Edinburgh was back in November 2004, and it is probably quite pathetic to still be recounting those old stories, but it really was the shizzle.

It's time for some new music from Magne!
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