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while we wait

Someone on the forum was asking about the 'Beatles' soundtrack and wondering if it would ever be available outside Norway. They wanted something new from one of the guys to listen to while waiting for the a-ha album.

Since it doesn't look like it will be released outside Norway, I mentioned that it is possible to get a Norwegian iTunes account, and shared this link so they could look into it. I really hope they manage to download it, legally, and then post their thoughts about it; too few people have discussed the album on any of the sites I go to, which makes me worry that it has been sadly under-appreciated overall. The album deserves much more attention that it received IMO, and of course it would be good to discuss it with others.

I don't have time right now to post about the album in any detail, but here is what I wrote last year:

"I got the Beatles soundtrack last month and I love all of it. It really is something special, do check it out! My favorite track is 'She ignores me, no no no', which from the first listen and every one since has transported me to a peaceful morning exploring on my own in the suburbs of Oslo back in 2004, complete with birds singing, white painted fences, Norwegian flags snapping in the breeze and crystal blue skies - it was an experience I hadn't thought about in years, and yet the music without fail takes me there and calms me down."

A few weeks after I wrote that, I went to Norway, and listened to the soundtrack on shuffle/repeat while driving around on the west coast. And now when I listen to the album, I see in my mind's eye the mountains, trees, fjords and bridges; the rain-misted rocky shores, and the beautiful nighttime twinkle of star- and heart-shaped tin window lanterns in many of the homes. I am so attached to the album that I generally stopped listening to it while my father was ill during the winter, to protect my associations with the music; I didn't want my bond with the songs to change and always remind me of the worry and stress I was feeling at the time.

Long story short, I do want to encourage anyone who is even a little bit interested to find a way to get their hands on the album. It is absolutely brilliant. I listen to it several times a week, and the music transports me every time.

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