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addendum to the last

~ Just after I posted about the 'Apparatjik World' book, there was an announcement about the book as well as a link to buy it on Amazon. You know what to do! ;-)

~ Also, last time I said I really like Instagram lately, but I didn't share any good MF related accounts - my bad!

For real, follow these accounts:

Kensaltown Studios
Paul Stolper Gallery
Jonas Bjerre
Martin Halla
Marius Beck
Moods of Norway
Simon & Peder
Studio Hugo Opdal
Voxwatch Music UK

And these are also related more distantly but interesting accounts:

Astrup Fearnley Museum
Hug Risdal
Jens Bredberg
Knut Bry
NRK Kork Orchestra

These are not related at all but if you love Norway, art, photography, design or travel, try these:

Aftenpostens Kulturmagasin
Handcrafted - Anders Forup
Louisiana Museum
Petter Stordalen
SMK Museum, Copenhagen
Soli Brug Gallery
Tel Aviv Museum
Visit Copenhagen
Visit Norway
Visit Oslo

~ Also just after I posted about Magne's exhibition opening in Edinburgh, Dovecot announced a Q&A with Magne on March 5 here. Now I am even more disappointed I can't make it, it's always so interesting to hear him talk about his work. Pesky day job getting in the way of things I wanna do! But I need it to pay for my travel and art/music habit ;-) Sigh.

~ Today is the anniversary of Tini's first single 'Undo My Heart'. I've never particularly cared for Valentine's day - sure it's a good excuse to go out with your sweetheart, but I think romance should be an ongoing thing and not something you make an effort for once a year - however I am sure that now I'll always remember having watched from afar Tini's lengthy recording process and finally her first single release, and how special that was for her and for the people who worked so hard to give her a chance. In a small way I was a part of that, too, which I am so grateful for :-)

~ This is kind of a random aside, and also moderately off-topic, but when I saw this video the other day I immediately knew I wanted to share it here for anyone who has been following along for a while. Backstory: I have been following Moods of Norway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and recently they have been posting videos on Instagram and promoting their YouTube channel. So long story short, I went on YouTube and started watching their videos, which led to me searching for videos from the 2010 fashion show 'Norwegian Fairytales' that I went to in Oslo during the Ullevall concert weekend (see my previous blog), and I found these two clips:

1. Not great quality, but you can see the Norwegian lady in a bunad up on the rocky ledge above the catwalk, and the unbrella and disco ball over her - she read stories from a tome on her lap throughout the fashion show:

2. Even better, a short TV report in English about the fashion show here, which gives the best view I've found of the event online (including a glimpse at the dress that I fell in love with here [too bad you can't see the back, it was sooo pretty!]).

~ Check out this video from Studio Hugo Opdal - Moods of Norway Flø here! I've seen videos from there before, but now that I have been to Flø, it's even more cool to see it like this :-)

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