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disconnected randomness 437

Lazy post title, but a few things to share today :-)

~ Go watch Tini, Magne and backing band on Senkveld! The appearance was months ago, so who knows why it was only uploaded recently, but it's wonderful, so get on over there. I'll wait.

~ While I'm sharing videos, someone posted a clip from news coverage of the opening of the exhibiton about Bent Sølves orkester at Rockheim here.

~ As you know, I had been hoping for the stars to align so I could go to Edinburgh for Magne's exhibition opening in early March, and when my February family vacation was rescheduled for May, I thought it would work out. But it turns out I am organizing a major work event on the 10th and it would be impossible for me to leave town the week before. So now I have to count on friends to take good photos and share the experience online for those of us who can't be there. Don't let me down! :-)

~ Instagram is my new favorite social network. Unlike most of the others, that serve up content they think I will like but are so often wrong - every time I look at Search on Instagram for recommended photos, I find stuff I am actually interested in. Not only have I found some awesome accounts from places I have been to like Norway, Israel, UK and Denmark to follow, as well as some interesting artists and museums I would like to know more about, but I sometimes find photos of Magne in unexpected places. The other day I happened to stumble on these two photos from a workshop Magne participated in late last week: Photo 1 || Photo 2 We don't know anything more about this workshop, but it seems to be associated with an architecture firm that has done some really cool projects over the years.

~ The 'Apparatjik World' book was apparently released in January. The book is amazing, and well worth the investment if you're thinking about buying it :-)

~ Check out this interesting interview with Lowell here. She describes the creative process behind her EP 'If you can, solve this jumble' recorded with Apparatjik at Kensaltown, compared with her album 'We loved her dearly' released under Arts and Crafts:

"The difference was the Apparatjik album was just approached in a less serious and planned out way. In fact, the plan was to have no plan. Its all games with Apparatjik. I flew to London for four days and we decided to make an EP over that time and we made fun little rules for ourselves. Not like rules where you structure a pop song AKA ABAB rhyme scheme, or “place middle 8 here.” I mean rules like: “No one is allowed to say NO to anything; One song must be words taken out of British newspaper articles only; You have to finish this song by the time the hour glass runs out and release AS IS… NO EXCEPTIONS… now GO! It was an art project. You could say it had no voice. That was the difference. The mini album wasn’t supposed to be strong. We Loved Her Dearly is concise. It is the exact opposite of what “If you can solve this jumble” is. I thought about the voice in this debut album day in and day out and it was so much my own voice, it changed me as a person."

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