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10th anniversary

Break out the champagne and leftover New Year's Eve noisemakers, because today is this blog's 10th anniversary! Thanks so much for reading my posts in this little corner of the web!

Shall we have some listishness?

~ Fangirl comment of the day: This is adorable! Also, the sweater is so cool :-)

~ Look how pretty!
I've been on kind of a lantern kick ever since my trip to Norway in October, there were a lot of gorgeous lanterns in shops and in various places I went to. There's a special kind of cozy beauty in lantern light, especially in groups like this. Also I really like these.

~ I miss Tini! She has been quiet on social media lately, I hope that means some creative stuff is happening that we can hear/see soon :-)

~ No one seems to have mentioned this anywhere, that some undisclosed (as yet) person now owns Aglaia. I can't help but wonder what happened with Magne's stunning sail - which was custom designed with elements that were personal to the boat's original owner's family. Maybe it went with the boat, or maybe the owner kept the sail for use on another yacht they have or will purchase later...?

~ Go read this if you haven't yet. Highlights: poetry book ('I have about 6,000 unpublished poems on my computer that one day may see the light in one shape or form.' YES, PLEASE) and info about the 'Beatles' movie soundtrack ('To my mind, the last version that I heard was a compromise where they had used my music in a way that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with.').

~ Thanks to a friend in Oslo, I have a bottle of XO Contemporary waiting for me when I return there :-) He was kind enough to take his 18-month old son with him to the liquor store and ask after the cognac, and when he found out they had no plans to stock this one as the last season's bottles had not yet sold, special ordered me a bottle. Not only that, but when the bottle came in, he saw the box had several imperfections, and asked the store owner to order a new one to ensure the one I received was in perfect condition. It was so sweet of my friend to go to so much trouble for me! Now I have to wait until fall to collect it, but he will keep it safe for me for sure :-)

~ I love this! WATCH
By now, Kensaltown is so familiar that I always like seeing videos and photos from there. Also it's wonderful to see Magne and Martin jamming along with beautiful Tini :-)

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