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foot notes and some side notes

I've been meaning to do a recap of Magne's portion of the Q&A during the fan convention, but I think I will save that until the video clips are officially available - mostly because enough time has passed that I couldn't possibly put a summary together without using the videos to remind me what I wanted to write about in the first place ;-) In the meantime, here are some final notes from the Oslo weekend and a few other things. Basically: another list.

~ On Friday night at Sentrum Scene, I met Martin Halla and Monika May, both of whom were really lovely. I told Martin that his CD has a semi-permanent place in my 6-disc changer in my car, and basically fangirled shamelessly - which he handled very well LOL. It really was nice to meet him, and fun to discover his sense of humor, which doesn't come across in the press (that I've seen anyway). 'Time's Up' is still the only song I can remember hearing in a dream, I have no idea why that song made such an impression on me.

~ I met one of my (5 or 6) loyal readers (you know who you are! :waves:) in Oslo, and she asked me about my blog editing here. I had no idea I did it so often, but I have to admit I do go back and re-read entries, discover and fix typos, think of things to add, and sometimes edit out some things I've written. It was super flattering that anyone had noticed that, and I am only mentioning it now in case the other 4 or 5 of you have noticed it, too ;-) She wanted to know particularly why I remove parts of my blogs; do I change my mind about things I have written? Generally, no, I haven't changed my mind/opinion/feelings about something. Usually if I remove something it's because it seems too personal for a public blog about a celebrity. I'm aware that people don't come here to read about my own experience or feelings, I suppose people come here to read facts, some lyrics interpretations, event accounts, and a general perspective on Magne's works and projects. Whenever I feel like I've spent too much time writing about my own feelings or response to his work (or if I fangirl a bit too much ;-)), I tend to go back and remove the extraneous stuff that most people wouldn't be interested in.

~ Looking ahead to 2015, Magne will have an exhibition at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh from 6 March – 25 April. You've probably heard by now how much I enjoyed my trip to Edinburgh in 2004 for the opening of Magne's 'Payne's Gray' exhibition at Edinburgh printmakers, so it will come as no surprise when I say that I'd love to go again for the opening of this new exhibition. A few friends who were there in 2004 have kindly included me in some of their trip planning, but as of now I don't know whether or not I can make it; I have a family trip already booked for February, and a possible other trip elsewhere sometime in March. So the budget (not to mention the limited time off I get) will be a bit tight. But as usual, I don't let go of an idea until it's pretty much impossible, so who knows? :-)

~ Totally unrelated - look what I found on Pinterest/Flickr! It's one of Magne's early lithographs, from 1988: 'Anger (Regrets)'.

~ Also unrelated - you know how I've said I'd love to hear a happy, upbeat song from Magne some day? Well, after spending some time with the Beatles soundtrack while driving around Norway, I have come to the conclusion that (1) Magne doesn't really write that kind of music and (2) what I really want is a song about being content (at least that's the word that comes to mind right now). Often his songs have multiple interpretations, which makes them complex and interesting, and perfect for me because I think too much ;-) But it would be good to have a simple song about being right where you should be, and right with the person you should be with. Besides, if I want 'happy' music, I have Mat Kearney for that - his awesome new song 'Heartbeat' is on high rotation for me these days. Can't imagine Magne writing a song like that, you know? ;-)

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