romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

every time I try to write, nothing springs to mind

Ok, well, not really. Been doing a lot of writing lately, just in different places than usual :-)

There is so much to catch up on over here and over here that I don't know where to begin. Listishness?

~ I got the Beatles soundtrack last month and I love all of it. It really is something special, do check it out! My favorite track is 'She ignores me, no no no', which from the first listen and every one since has transported me to a peaceful morning exploring on my own in the suburbs of Oslo back in 2004, complete with birds singing, white painted fences, Norwegian flags snapping in the breeze and crystal blue skies - it was an experience I hadn't thought about in years, and yet the music without fail takes me there and calms me down.

~ So looking forward to seeing Tini in October when she opens for Morten! I've been following her album progress from the beginning, and now that I have Undo My Heart, I can't wait to hear all the songs live.

~ You've probably already heard about this, but in case you haven't, Tini covered 'Running Out Of Reasons' on her album. Check it out here. I'm honestly still on the fence about this cover, in part because I am so attached to the original. But because I am so attached to it, I have to respect her fabulous taste, so I am *trying* to like it ;-) It needs some time to grow on me, though.

~ A song I am not on the fence about is All We Ever Had, which grabbed me right away when I watched The Search For Sound, where it first appeared. This is one of those songs I am sure I will blog about at some point, but I have to find time first.

~ Speaking of finding the time, this is a real thing. I'm not expecting too much, but then Magne always surprises us, so who knows? Oh and lots of good stuff over here, especially these little highlights:

"mainly other people inspire me – quite often i write about personal stuff,, but from another persons point of view"

"at this moment in time i am working on a new sculpture park in norway, presumably the biggest collection of ceramic art in scandinavia…approx 28 ton of clay goes into it, so this is by far the biggest commission i have had to date. should be finished some time in late 2015. come and see it!"

"i have a us gallerist now actually, so watch out!"

"actually, i am writing at the moment, enjoying a bit of pop music again…we’ll see how it goes"

~ Two weeks from tomorrow, I leave for Norway and five days of good music, kindred spirits, my first rental car excursion abroad, 2.5 new towns (Ålesund, Fosnavåg and Flø!), no doubt an extremely aggrivated ankle (as per usual), and hopefully a chance to enjoy the sunlight for a little while. I've had exactly five days off since November, so it's safe to say the first couple of days will be a chance to unwind before all the fan weekend activity; I'm doing it right this time, seeing Apparatjik and chilling out first, then going to Oslo for the social madness and a-ha related fun. CAN'T WAIT.

So much more going on, but I need an early (for me) night tonight. I may edit more into this post later, since lists are easier than real blogs ;-)

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