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flip side

I'm so happy to hear that Tini's next single is 'You Can't Have It Both Ways'. If you haven't seen it yet, the lyrics video is over on YouTube:

After a few months with the song, something new just occurred to me the other day. I was thinking how it is basically saying 'Let me love you'; it's your love longing for you to step into their embrace, knowing that other things may pull you away, but wanting nothing more than to be your safe place. And I realized that this song is perhaps the companion/flip side to 'Envelop me', which is a plea for that same safe place, and a desire to lose onesself in each other which Magne sang about 10 years ago now.

So whereas I had originally thought this was a 'new love' story (meaning things are at the beginning and he has a choice to make whether to remain single or to follow his heart and be with her), I now think it could also be about a longer relationship in which one person tends to wander free and then come home to harbor; eventually the one waiting could become tired and lonely, and could decide they want nothing less than a complete partnership with someone who will stay by their side. And that is what gives the song the ultimatim feel: make up your mind. It's not fair to keep someone waiting for you, especially if maybe you can't be completely content with that person. So sad to think of it that way :-\

It's strange - in the first scenario of new love, the outcome IMO could only be that he accepts that beautiful offer of love and wraps it like a blanket around himself, and leaves his insecurities ('those other voices') behind. In the second scenario of a long term relationship with a pattern of one person coming in and out of the other person's life, I think sadly that it's likely that this love could never truly fulfill either one of them.

As I said before, you can't tell if it is meant as the prelude to a sad ending or the door opening to a deep and enduring love. You can relate to the lyrics in different ways, so it's hard to know how to feel when you listen to it - and that's part of what makes it pretty genius in my opinion.

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