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Beatles (continued)

After I wrote my last post and stopped listening to Beatles songs from that countdown, I realized that though I have a somewhat better context for the songs and the band's history, there is something pretty substantial missing from the exploration: the album format. Track order mattered much more back then, and contributed to the musical experience. Listening to tracks in a countdown format misses that entirely. The next time I go on a listening spree, I will play the tracks in the order they were intended to be listened to the album, and see what that does for me.

And you know what else? Later on, two a-ha tracks from different albums came up on shuffle back-to-back, and out of the blue I thought, 'Oh now I hear the Beatles influence...' Which has never happened to me before, but it was suddenly so clear! It's almost like hearing the a-ha tracks for the first time, after all these years. How very strange. I want more of that, who would have thought anything could bring about a new understanding of those old beloved songs? :-)

About the movie soundtrack, there was an article last week in Kinomagasinet which mentioned a 'super sad version of "Yesterday" that works like a charm'. And thanks to a friend, I have a scan of the Magasinet article. I haven't had a chance to even try to translate any of it with my meagre knowledge of Norwegian, but my friend did mention to me that according to the article apparently Magne sang "Yesterday" for the soundtrack.

Did that make your heart flip like it did mine? Knowing what the music means to him, and that he hasn't sung lead vocals on a solo release (apart from Apparatjik, sure, but I think you'll agree that's quite different) since 2008, that's a significant thing. I can't wait to hear it, but knowing already that it is 'super sad' I am confident that it will reduce me to a sobbing mess. Ah well, music is meant to make you feel things :-)

Also, a short sample of a cover of 'Come Together' by Apparatjik was played on Art Mixtape on Friday, and it sounds so cool! Looking forward to hearing the whole track. (EDIT: psst...clips from the radio program have been posted here)

One other thing I wanted to say about the movie soundtrack is this: where is the press about it? The music is essential to the movie, and yet there have only been a couple of articles online about it, and those mostly quote things Magne said back in March before/at Abbey Road. And it's not just Magne who isn't mentioned, there hasn't been much said about Johan either, which is very strange. They weren't photographed or interviewed at the premiere in Haugesund on the 17th or in Oslo on the 23rd, but surely at least one of them was there? Maybe there will be more coverage about the soundtrack once the movie opens for the public this weekend.

P.S. and completely unrelated - talk about making your heart flip, this picture should come with a warning. Just wow <3

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