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'Send My Star'

Are you ready for another beautiful, summery sounding tune from Tini? Her next single 'Send My Star' is playing in the background of this video from THE THIEF's May 17th event on THE ROOF:

THE THIEF MAY 17 2014 from THE THIEF on Vimeo.

When I fall alseep
I keep dreaming
that you dream of me
'cuz when I wake up
you're the first thing
I don't see

The song sounds so upbeat and makes me want to dance (but of course if there is ever a video for this, it needs to be filmed at night under a velvety, starry sky!), but it's full of longing and a bit of sadness. Even so, I've always loved poems and songs about a shared sky connecting two distant hearts - for example, one guilty pleasure of mine years ago was 'Somewhere out there', from 'An American Tale':

And even though I know
how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing
on the same bright star

Mind you, I was 13 when that movie came out, and I haven't even thought of the song in years ;-) Anyway I think the reason this kind of theme appealed to me at the time is because my family had moved to Israel for three years and I had a very difficult time adjusting to being away from my extended family and all my friends. We didn't have the internet back then, and phone calls were with immediate family only, on New Year's day each year while we were gone. So it was comforting to think that we share the same sky with the people we love, and that someday we would be back together again.

The theme means even more to me today, since so many friends and loved ones are spread out across the world. Maybe we don't say it out loud often enough, but I think many people experience this and send their stars out to the ones they love.

No news yet about the release date for 'Send My Star', hopefully soon so we can hear the whole thing!

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