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I was very excited to read that my imaginary BFF Tini is working on her next single. Feels like we've been waiting for her album forever, so this is great news :-)

Thought I'd mention that two great fan sites have closed: the Apparatchick Forum and the 'a-ha en castellano' Forum. Besides being a big loss to the community culturally and informationally, I had quite a lot of links on my site to discussion threads on those sites, so this means I'll have to go back and remove them all at some point. In the meantime: thank you to everyone involved in those sites for the great discussions, information, excitement and fun over the years. The sites may be gone, but we're all still around and I hope to meet many of you elsewhere online!

Last week I meandered a bit on Instagram, which led me to find a new (to me, at least) and very cool documentation of the Apparatjik 'SHOULD NOT BE ON DISPLAY' printing. Here's how it went down:

Lowell posted this. I noticed right away these were pages from 'SHOULD NOT BE ON DISPLAY' and wondered where she was in New York and if the prints were on permanent display, etc. Then I saw this photo of Martin in front of the same wall in NYC, posted by Universal. That reminded me that Universal had posted a picture of Martin playing guitar with Christian Burhardt in New York a few weeks back here.

Naturally I added these to the archive, and while I was at it, I did a quick Google search to see if there was other 'SHOULD NOT BE ON DISPLAY' content I had missed. That's when I found this awesomeness about the project. Spend some time clicking through, it's worth it.

Have you visited the datascroll recently? I sometimes check over there in case there has been something new added since the page was built back in 2009, even though I know that's super unlikely. Last year I took a bunch of screen shots when I was looking for stuff to include in my 'Dance like an Apparatjik' contest video, and the other day I grabbed a few new ones on my mobile when I was bored in a meeting at work ;-)

One in particular jumped out at me last week, I didn't remember seeing it before and it made me stop and think a bit:

I guess this is about how sometimes what is common and perhaps not what we want seems to come find us, and what is beautiful and desirable can be elusive. The choice of metaphor is interesting: Flowers love the sun and some even tend to follow its progress across the sky by turning their petals towards the sunlight, so why would the flower be 'apprehensive' of the sun?

Now this talk of light and sunshine reminded me of this picture, one of my favorites:

The last thing I wanted to mention is that it has been a year already since the Norwegian Wood opening at Stolper's and the Apparatjik concert in Copenhagen - that's so hard to believe. So much has happened since then, yet now there is nothing concrete to look forward to, which is really strange. The silence is deafening :-\

EDIT: Just discovered this today, and since I am not sure when I'll get to post again, I'll add it into this post.

Here is a recently uploaded (7 months ago) behind the scenes disco smart car / Apparatjik Berlin 2011 video of awesomeness!

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