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disconnected randomness 13

~ When I was looking for something to post on Twitter from the archives the other day, I saw that 'Kryptonite' was released nine years ago last week - crazy! There are some good videos on YouTube to take you back (Cobden Club, 2005, 'Easy on the courderoy' || Notting Hill Arts Club, 2004, 'What's wrong with us can also be what makes us special'), and here is the archive post about the single.

~ I have been playing in Photoshop again recently: Solitary Me || Summers Of Our Youth || Envelop Me

I want to do some new graphics for the site and the Twitter background/cover, but I am waiting for the changeover to the new profile view to happen first.

~ Adapted from an actual conversation in my office recently:

J: "Don't talk to her about the Beatles, she hates them."
S: "Who hates the Beatles?!"
Me: "I never said I hate the Beatles. I only said I am not a fan of theirs, I don't really know their music well enough to call myself a fan -"
S: "How could someone as into music as you are hate the Beatles?"
Me: "I don't hate the Beatles! Like I said, I don't know their music well enough to call myself a fan. That doesn't mean I don't like them."
J: "Yes it does, because if you liked the Beatles, you would call yourself a fan. Therefore, you hate the Beatles."
S: "I still don't get how you could not like them. You know that without the Beatles, there would be no Coldplay?"
Me: "Yes, and no a-ha."
J and S: "Who?"

If you're one of my (five or six) loyal readers, you probably noticed that I haven't posted much about Magne's work on the Beatles movie soundtrack or about the Beatles in general, and this is one reason why. I don't know enough about the Beatles historically, musically or culturally to carry on a conversation about them, let alone write about them; you'd all see through me right away LOL. I like what music of theirs I've heard well enough, but in no version of reality could I possibly call myself a fan of theirs. Fans know a band's discography, fans know significant dates and facts about the band (releases, chart placements, tours, key performances, etc etc), fans can put a song into context with other things going on in the world at the time it was released (whether they lived through it or were born/made aware later), fans know all the side projects and family members' names and...let's face it, there is only one band like that for me, I don't have room in my brain for any others ;-)

To recap: I appreciate the Beatles but I am not even remotely willing to call myself a fan. I would like to catch up somehow on all the stuff I don't know, but where would I start? It's totally intimidating! So this is why I don't write about this connection, even though it's a pretty huge one in the MF world.

Anyway, of course it's beyond cool that Magne's doing the soundtrack for the Beatles movie, I am thrilled for him and I hope the project is a great experience for him. I just wish that if/when I see the movie, I could appreciate and understand it as much as everyone else will.

~ On a related note, here is a great video of Magne at Abbey Road - enjoy!

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