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acoustic performances

How much perfection is this? Tini Flaat debuterer med singel I don't really have any other words for it, I can only urge you to go watch it and see for yourself if it moves you.

'Undo my heart' is being released on Valentine's day and will be streamed on That night Tini is doing a performance during the very first THIEF MUSIC Unplugged concert, along with other artists.

What a great concept! I was already curious about the concert series when I heard about it yesterday, before Tini's involvement was announced. It would be great to be in Oslo for this, in that very cool/special place and on the song's release date - and of course Valentine's day :-) It seems appropriate, I leave part of my heart in that city every time I leave, but it's ok because I reclaim it for a little while every time I return ;-)

I still have a lot to write about 'Undo My Heart', but spare time is really spare just now. But I do like this quote from an interview Tini did this week: '"Undo My Heart" is about love, about the daring to love again after one has been hurt or abandoned.' My favorite part of the song is that daring and surrender at the end - love is always worth the risk. Once you let go of the pain or fear that is holding you back and trust each other, you may discover a deeper and sweeter love than you thought possible.

Ok, yeah, slightly mushy in this post, but isn't that what Valentine's day is all about? A chance to wrap love around you like a blanket and celebrate the things that warm your heart? :-)

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