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in which patience is required - but rewarded

Randomly up to my eyeballs this week for both of my jobs!! So this is a very quick one:

Yesterday, Tini announced that her new song 'Undo my heart' is on the playlist at NRK P1. Right now the only way to hear the full track (I think) is to listen online here until it turns up.

I heard it on Monday evening and again on Tuesday afternoon. Basically I had the station on in the background at work for hours, causing different coworkers to stop by and ask 'Is that DJ speaking Swedish?' ;-) So hang in there, enjoy the other music that'll come your way while you're listening, and it'll be worth it IMO.

EDIT: Here is a direct link to listen to the song: LISTEN

In short: the song is as good as I'd hoped it would be :-) I am glad I waited to write about it until I heard the whole thing, when I do finally find time to post my thoughts about the song, you'll see why. Fair warning: this'll be one of those long posts with cut tags and extended musings, so it'll probably be the weekend before I can put all that into a communicable format *lol*

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