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As you know, I was inordinately excited about the prospect of being able to embed Facebook posts on my site last summer ;-) I still think it's cool, and as more Pages post relevant content, it's much easier to embed a post than to summarize the content myself or post a photo from another source and have to provide a credit. By embedding someone else's post, I get all the content on my site without doing too much work, which is good for my visitors and definitely good for me :-) And of course by embedding the post, you can see the number of comments and likes right there, without ever going to Facebook.

A little later on, I discovered Storify and wondered if this would be a better way to collect posts from around the web in one place and embed the entire topic feed into a post on my site. I've tried it on two topics so far, Majors and Minors and Norwegian Wood Remix.

The cool thing about Storify is it has a community built in there, so you can follow people and topics of interest, where items from the web are curated from many sources and presented in an easy to follow format. Visitors can even see the items in a slideshow. It's also cool that you can plug in all the social media posts you find into one interface and re-order them easily, so it is presented just how you want it to be. There is also a web search function on Storify to help you find the social media posts on a certain topic easily without having to go to each platform to find them. My page is over here for anyone who might want to follow.

The bad things about Storify are: the site keeps crashing on me; the embedded feeds on my site include ads by Storify advertisers, which may or may not be something I want on my site (well I don't want ads anyway, but not being able to control what kind of ads is also not good); in the Storify feed, you can't see the number of Facebook comments and likes; the dates of the social media items default to the day you add them to the feed, not the day they were originally posted by the source, which for an archive nut like me is not good either. I want to see - and show my site visitors - when something was announced, posted, shared or otherwise first communicated.

So....although I do like Storify for some things, I am leaning towards not using it, which kinda stinks. It has such potential! Maybe they will improve it along the way, or maybe I'll find another tool that collects web and social media posts to make my archiving easier. I guess we'll see :-)

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