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'Mange Magne' || Kamille Magazine, August 2010

So the other day I saw that Kunstgalleriet posted an uncropped version of that awesome photo of Magne from my previous post on Instagram and Facebook, and suddenly I realized I had seen it before.

The date of the Facebook photo was in June 2010, so that got me looking through the archive, and it turns out I actually have the magazine it comes from - Kamille - I bought it when I was in Oslo for the Ullevaal concert in August 2010.

It's a great article, and on my list to add to the media page on my site, but first I hope to get permission from 'Magnet' to include the translation she posted over on WOTM. There is also a short article about it that I'll link to on a-ha Live.

EDIT: I see now that I have my copy of the magazine open, that the photo used by Kunstgalleriet is slightly different than the one in the magazine layout (please excuse the rough scan, I'll do a better one when I post it on my site):


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