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straight to the heart

Another new song by Tini called 'Undo My Heart' is featured in this video from THE THIEF advertising their new spa opening in March 2014:

THIEF SPA Opens March 2014 from THE THIEF on Vimeo.

I'll write a longer blog about this song another time, it's already drafting itself in my brain, but I really want to hear the whole song before I do. We have no details yet about the limited edition vinyl or any possible general release, though, but fortunately years of being an a-ha fan have taught me patience with music releases :-)

In the meantime, a new exhibition in Stavanger at the end of January has been announced, which has been described as 'Norwegian Wood Remix'. Aside from general talk about the exhibition going on since yesteday when it was announced, the photo which accompanied the article has been making the rounds in the fan community with lightning speed and universal warm appreciation:

Photo: Mette Randem, who also took this memorable portrait.

Judging by people's comments, I am not the only one who thinks this is probably one of the best photos of Magne this year - some of the Norwegian Wood promo shots are quite good too, he projects a kind of quiet happiness in them that is so great to see - but then I realized the artwork in the photo is from Payne's Gray, which seemed an odd choice to use for announcing an exhibition of his recent woodcut Beatles related works.

I find myself wondering if this is an old, largely unseen photo, or a newer composite photo with an old work in it for some reason? Well in any case it can't have been too recent, because mustache. (Do you need a minute? It's ok, I did too! :-)) Anyway, leaving the incongruity aside, I've always liked that bit from Payne's Gray. Out of all that introspection and at times brutal honesty, this piece is refreshingly encouraging, and it's really nice to see it again just now.

be brave

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