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majors, minors and more

Marius Beck's EP 'Majors & Minors' was released last week, and it's brilliant:

When I first heard the songs, I was struck by how soulful Marius' voice is, and how versatile. The songs are quite beautiful, be sure to give them a listen!

On another note, someone told me (jokingly) the other day that I have been slacking here in the fangirling department. And I have to admit that's true, shame on me! So, I took immediate steps to rectify the situation, starting with the most obvious tactic: searching for great photos to share :-)

The first cool ones I found are from Pupparatjik in 2010 (nearly four years ago, how is that possible?). I somehow never saw that Gregor (the workshop participant who joined the Apparatchick forum and held a great discussion with us) had uploaded some pictures to Flickr. Lookie!



This one is an old fave from the first Berlin Apparatjik concert promo (what a smile!):

Revisting Notting Hill Arts Club in 2008, where I was stood close to the back, so this photo is from sweet Sue! (so sad we haven't met again since that weekend :-( ):


And this one from Argentina in 2010:

A-Ha (Buenos Aires 2010)

Nowadays, some of the best pictures of all subjects can be found on Instagram. Many of the people Magne works with post pictures from the studio or lyrics or performances, so it's definitely worth a look over there occasionally to keep up with what's going on. In particular, Tini posts reasonably often, and my favorite recent pictures come from her or are about her writing/recording process.

Can't seem to figure out how to embed these on LiveJournal, so here are the links: || ||

[Apparently Tini had a couple of performances last week, based on her Instagram posts, but I haven't heard or seen anything else about the occasions/gigs.]

Last but not least, a new favorite picture I snagged from a Facebook group (and because people rarely credit the images they post, I have no idea who the photographer was or anything, sorry about that):

Ok, that's enough fangirling for a while. But the man himself has been quiet, so I figured folks who visit here might enjoy some random pics for a change :-)

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