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disconnected randomness 11

You know the drill, when life moves too fast, I resort to lists:

~ Just discovered this wonderful acoustic performance of 'Illuminate the Sky' from P3morgens, recorded on May 17. Look at that humble, sweet smile of Martin's at the end!

~ Part of a new song by Tini called "Solitary Me" is in this video from The Apartment at THE THIEF. 'You can, like no one I know, see what's behind what I show.' Beautiful. I can't wait for Tini's full album.

~ Last Sunday was the anniversary of Apparatjik's performance at the opening of the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo. I recently made a bunch of updates to the post about it here: Thinking Inside The Box. I really like this photo from Twitter that night. Still pretty bummed I missed that gig, it'll always be one of the 'big gigs that got away' for me.

~ Two great interview-ish Magne thingies happened in September - first was the Q&A on Facebook, then the interview about Vox Watch. There are so many good quotes in both of them - some of his answers to fans on Facebook made me laugh out loud, and I am really curious to see what is on the way from Vox Watch, but could you doubt that this jumped out for me (and for many others)? :

"It is always a privilege to be able to write for talented artists and singers, and somehow the more music I do, the more I want to do, so be warned there may be another solo project on the horizon."

Magne's written some wonderful songs in the past few years, and as you know, I've bonded with most of them. So I can honestly say I am happy with whatever songwriting he chooses to do - but ultimately it's Magne's voice and the passion he puts into recording and performing his own songs that grabs me. I miss his voice a lot!

~ Speaking of which, I was in Starbucks the other day and the song playing in the shop was 'Across the Universe'. Completely out of nowhere came the thought - that could be an interesting song for Magne to cover one day. It's not one of my favorite Beatles songs by far, and it has been covered quite well before, but yeah I would somehow really like to hear a version with Magne's stamp on it.

~ On Friday, WiMP Live released an album of six live tracks from the THIEF ROOF Opening in June. Included are two songs each from Tini, Lowell and Marius Beck. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to listen to the songs without a subscription, and you have to have a Norwegian mobile number to sign up. Here's hoping the tracks show up in some other form later on, then!

Awesome new video from the event, by the way:

~ This weekend I dug in and made updates to about 25 posts on the site to add in embedded Facebook posts. It actually went pretty quickly, I still have a bunch of Facebook pages and events to go chase down, and I should be done next weekend I guess. It was kinda fun to go back and see some of the older posts and photos and videos - in fact I found some cool videos from Globe in Frankfurt that I hadn't seen before. The more difficult task will be to go back to Twitter and Instagram, I remember some great posts on both sites along the way that would be good to capture - but since it's not possible to search by a date span or so (only one of several major reasons why social media - while amazing in terms of reach and timeliness and engagement - sucks in terms of content management! don't get me started, sigh), it's a completely manual process to search for posts in timelines after the fact. I may put that off indefinitely and just focus on new posts going forward ;-)

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