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summer days

It's that time of year again, when things get kinda quiet online. People are on holiday, it's a slow news time, and even those of us who don't take a vacation are spending much less time on the internet while the days are long and the weather is nice. So....not much new to post just now except some random musings.

~ The response to the new site was pretty lukewarm. Apart from some general - but very appreciated - kind words from a few close friends and a couple of replies on Twitter, it would seem that people could take or leave it. And hey, considering there is nothing really 'new' there, I couldn't expect people to rave about seeing stuff they already know. Anyway, now that the site is launched, I can complete the remaining posts and finally move into maintenance mode (and stop talking about it, since clearly very few people are actually interested LOL). The main test will be to see if over time people eventually come to think of it as a place to go when they want to know about a particular release or project, because then it will be serving its purpose.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I did receive a couple of comments from people asking if I would create a Facebook page to go along with the web site, Twitter and YouTube channels. I am on the fence about this because I don't think there is a need for yet another Facebook page or group where people just post pictures of Magne and talk about how gorgeous he is ;-) However I do think that since everyone seems to live on Facebook these days, it would be the easiest way to reach fans and ask for contributions on specific projects or point out new discoveries elsewhere online. Twitter is a bit cumbersome when trying to communicate more than just a line of content or a link, so there is an advantage to having the options of Facebook for collaboration. Will give it a bit more thought, but if anyone else wants to weigh in on either side, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me. Thanks!

~ I was glad to read in an article recently that Martin Halla and Lowell are going to be writing some songs together for Martin's next album. Still enthralled by the current album, but it's great to know another one is coming soonish.

~ Speaking of Martin Halla, I had to laugh when I set to 'recommended music' and it played a Spanish rap song 'Because you listen to Martin Halla'. Um..!

~ Two videos from The Thief about the Apparatjik Suite:


Apparatjik World from THE THIEF on Vimeo.

~ Lowell asked earlier today if people would have time to listen to a 2-hour jam with Magne F if she uploaded it (from 'sex cells' at Stolper & Friends two weeks ago). Hopefully she will share the recording, it can be a tedious process to upload a honking large file like that must be, but I am sure people will take the time to listen :-)

~ Still stopping by here periodically to listen to that awesome song of Tini's - so looking forward to her album, she's such a breath of fresh air.

Not much else going on these days. Hope you're all enjoying your summer so far :-)

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