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return to web geekery

It has been a while since I put much time into my MF web site. I have to admit that after all the technical trouble in the spring, rebuilding on a new server in April, and installing/configuring various free themes - none of which did all of what I wanted them to do - I needed a break.

At one point, I found a premium theme I really like, which is 'heavily influenced by the typographic style of Josef Müller-Brockmann'. I bought and installed it, only to find the CSS file was corrupted and the designer wouldn't respond to my requests for support (grrr). But yesterday I found another great premium theme, installed and configured it, and now things are finally moving forward again :-)

The new theme is fab, and one of the things I like is that it has custom post types. This means I can add videos, quotes and audio posts and display them in an easily digestible format. One problem though is that for each video post, I have to upload a thumbnail image - so today's project is to go through the YouTube playlists and create thumbnails for all the videos. Meh. But this will replace the Videos page I had before, so it's well worth the effort. Still, not my favorite web task!

The next thing to do to accommodate the new theme is to create rectangular Featured Images. Ironically, with my first theme they were all rectangular, but when I switched themes in February, they all had to be resized, and now they all have to be resized again. Hoping some of my site backup files of the rectangular thumbnails are the right size so I can use those. Not sure what to do for the album covers though, because they're square...hmmm.

Anyway, once I finish adapting the existing content to the new theme, I can go back to building new pages with my collected links. (I feel like I've said that before...!) There are still about 300 links in 40 topics to post, and I figured out that instead of using pages for Song Lyrics and Translations, I can create custom post types for those, which will allow me to have a decent site map and make all the content easily accessible. AND the photo gallery is working with the new theme, so I can add back in all the galleries I had on version 2.0 :-)

It's kinda nice to be re-energized about this, because I've put so much work into it already and I really want to get to a point when I can launch the site and see what other fans think - and hopefully they will like it enough to feel it is worth contributing to, because I surely don't have everything collected yet!

Stay tuned ~

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