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stolen lines...

EDIT: Yeah, yeah, I removed my little rant. It felt good to write but it doesn't really belong here ;-)

The real point of the post is: the new Myspace doesn't have a place for blogs, so now everyone's blogs are gone, including Magne's. Thankfully some of the usual suspects have kept a full archive of all the blog posts and they are not lost to digital memory :-)

Tonight I wandered back through the archives, and collected some quotes and excerpts that I particularly noticed this time around.


They're a little like pets, thoughts; you need someone to look after them while you're gone.
Not that anyone else necessarily wants them. I know I'm not taking them back!!

you never thought that
keeping my limp body afloat
would put you in harms way

but I am leaking

and their sense of smell
is legend

within their gaze
a saving grace
for they have made me realize
theres nothing
that can match your rainbow smile

oh, and by the way, every night is a sleepless night

we are measured not by what we get
but how we deal with what we lose
we're defined by opportunities we threw away
and the mistakes we learn to use

this is you, this is yours
you are home

I want to make you smile on buses

who convinced you
that you were worth so little

who sold you the story

that your shares
were plummeting

and made you sell short

If I could beat sense
into a head

yours would be
my first choice

how she takes refuge in herself
how she must do this;
for there is nothing else

how she is scared and hurt
and betrayed by fate

how she must concentrate
to be her own girl

in a world
where everyone
blends with someone else

how she is hurt and brave
in the face of truth

for she believed love
when it told her to wait

and so she waits

confusion is always the most honest response

why waste time chasing strange ears around with you guys already here?
you have found me. you have supported me (stranger than fiction, and for reasons known only to yourselves). this record's for you.

why are my sentences uncharacteristically characteristic?

here's the better part of the world's work-force glued to their computer-screens
(notice i said better, as in better, not as in 'larger' - i'm not completely delusional)

if you are happy to see my music spread, tell your friends.
alternatively, just keep it to yourself...and watch nothing grow.

i think tomorrow is also the day the new magne f cd is out in the uk
people are scrambling for the doors of recordshops, screaming & banging their litlle fists...
at one point I will just have to let them out, i guess.


like the herder of sheep
in a dry distant land

eyes full of sunsets
mouth full of sand

consumed with longing

and i, who have no herd
except when i can't sleep

not unlike him
i place longing
in the palm of my hand

what joined us together
is what set us apart

what sets us apart
is all that joins us together

lay my body in the ground
to spoil & rot;

the budding flowers
still would spell your name

physical separation
can be mathematically explained

but that doesn't do much
about the pain

having survived another a-ha album (the cat only has 9 lives)
it's fair to say that i will try to pay more attention to my own space again

over the years, i have invented a few things and shared them with you, surely confused you, most definitely toyed with you, no doubt irritated you - wilfully witheld things from my crowded inner space while exposing quite a few others...

you have read, listened, laughed(?), commented, harrumphed, corrected, touched and defended me royally, followed my labyrinthine doctrines, and (i would assume) all but given up on the way, suffering bad cases of the flummox.

i picture you all now congealed into one person, and i realise that i really like that person.

maybe it all boils down to the banal fact that this person clearly likes me, but i like to think it also has to do with the fact that whoever it is, this person has a heart (baboom baba-boom boom) and a head, grace, compassion, sensibilities, wit, and a wicked sense of humor - what’s not to like!

the fact that this amalgamated person is also predominately female is fine by me. i may come a cross as a bit of a lad, but it is women who bring out the best in me.

my job is to confuse. and i do it so well even i am in a daze.

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