romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

more new music

I guess you've noticed by now that I consider any music Magne had some involvement with (writing, production, playing guitar or another instrument, etc) as music to be lumped in somehow with his other solo music. It's not the same thing at all of course, but given the fact that apparently there will not be a new solo album from him in the near future - and the fact that his contributions to others' music has so far produced songs I've been delighted with - it seems kinda fitting to me at least for now to discuss these releases on the same level.

That said, check out this new song from Tini, released last week! I'm sure you've seen/heard this elsewhere, but once more can't hurt ;-)

TINI - Ladies' Gentlemen's Club from THE THIEF on Vimeo.

And this video from The Thief published today includes music by Tini as well:


How can anyone hear that and not smile? :-) There are few things that make you feel better than cheering up a friend and seeing them smile even when things maybe aren't going the best. A smile can really turn things around when you're down, and smiles can be contageous between friends without any words at all.

I tried to jot down the lyrics quickly while I was at work, so I may be a little off here and there - but you get the picture:

Maybe it's been a hard day
Someone's let you down
You're feeling empty hearted
There's no one to fill it out

I know it's been a rough one
I see it in your eyes
Sun's setting on the ocean
But it just don't want to shine

I just wanna see you smile
Don't make me take my thumbs out
And push up on that frown now
Don't let them bring you down

Just wanna see you smile
There's nowhere left to go now
And push us above the ground (?)
So no one can bring you down

You're walking home so slowly
Kicking at your feet
This road was always homey
Now it's just a street

You're wondering where your love's at
You let her go too soon
But someone round the corner
Is there waiting for you

And I just wanna see you smile
Don't make me take my thumbs out
And push up on that frown now
Don't let them bring you down


It fades out there, but still: a sweet, upbeat melody and thoughful, kind lyrics promise a really nice finshed song we'll get to hear down the road I guess :-) I noticed there was a picture of Tini with Glenn Scott on her Twitter sort of recently, so that must mean he's involved with her album, which can only be a(nother) good thing to look forward to!

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