romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

a surplus of letters

At the gallery in London last month, there was a nice display of 'In Transit' books and 'Alpha Beta' postcard box sets near the window. A lot of the 'Alpha Beta' sets were signed by Magne in silver pen in the lower right corner.

Although I am not usually the collector type of fan - and I already had an unsigned set at home - I wanted one :-) But I was kind of on a budget that weekend, so I arranged with the gallery to purchase a signed box set through the mail when I got home. The idea was to have a signed set I would not touch, and an extra unsigned set that I could do something fun with, maybe create some interesting phrases and get them framed or something :-)

The folks at the gallery were super nice and saved a set for me, but when I received it in the mail, it was an unsigned box by mistake. They were kind enough to send a new set right away which was signed, but when I received was signed upside down! I could easily see how that could happen, if Magne signed a stack straight through without checking the orientation of the boxes, and if the gallery staff was unfamiliar with what his signature looks like when packaging it to mail to me. Again when I wrote to them about it, they acted very quickly and have sent me what turns out to be not only the last signed box of cards, but the last set of cards in their stock! Polite seems to be out, too. I offered to mail back the unsigned set and the one signed upside down, but they kindly told me to keep them.

So now I have four 'Alpha Beta' box sets! And yeah, the two sets I bought are already enough, so I am trying to figure out what to do with the extra two sets. Since I didn't pay for them, I would never sell them, but I am not sure how to give them away. And I am also not sure if anyone would be interested in the box set that is signed upside down, or if actually it would be a cool and unique thing for me to keep..?

Anyway, I have at least one regular, unsigned 'Alpha Beta' box set that I will probably give away at some point down the line. Now to figure out what to do with the surplus of letters I am keeping!

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