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Magne F available at Tower Records

Just the other day I was thinking about this journal/domain and trying to decide what to do with it (more on this below), and then last night I happened to go to Tower Records in Tyson's Corner and saw Past Perfect Future Tense in the regular album bins - not with imports! Granted, it had an import sticker on it, but that's still very cool. Considering how limited the release was in Norway and the UK, it is very surprising to see the album there.

So if anyone on my friends list wants this album, go ahead and give me an excuse to go back and buy it! There were actually two copies at $23.99, and they were the nice limited CD release with the trifold cardboard case and a lyric book inside.

As for the domain of, I've finally managed to move it to a new registrar so I can move forward developing the site. My husband isn't thrilled using up one of our databases for a site that will probably not get much traffic, but since I've had so much fun developing, I won't easily go back to straight html pages given my complete lack of technical and design ability. Stay tuned, once I get through a big project at work this week there will be more to come!
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