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only green lights

My first trip to Copenhagen was short but memorable. What I saw of the city was beautiful and the weather was perfect. The only disappointing thing about that part of my trip was that after all the activity and socializing of London, Copenhagen was too quiet. If the events had been in the other order, it would have been much better - I was in dire need of a quick holiday and the quiet in Copenhagen would have been a great way to disconnect from home and relax a bit before seeing everyone in London.

On Friday afternoon, I wandered around the area near my hotel to get a feel for the place. Then, since I had skipped breakfast and only had an apple and a couple of cookies for lunch, I treated myself to an amazing Italian dinner. I took my time getting ready for the concert, and took the bus to the gallery for 8:00. The front of the museum is under construction and the approach to the entrance is via a large metal staircase and walkway over what looks like an archeological dig (nothing so exciting, though, just regular construction ;-)). I spoke with some fans in line outside before the doors opened, and once inside we found the cloak room and explored the main level of the gallery. Another time I would love to have a proper visit there.

I really liked the wide/high open space where the cube was situated in front of the windows. There were two glass-sided staircases flanking the cube, and seating like an amphitheater in front of it. Two bars were set up on either end, and the staff and security team were really friendly and glad to have so many guests (or so it seemed to me). I was unsure how well ticket sales went, so it was awesome to see the place filled up with interested people when the show was about to start at 10:00.

When the concert was about to begin, I thought it would be cool to take some pictures from different places in the room. The bar area was in front of one of the staircases, which was cordoned off, but a guard told me I could go up to take some pictures. Once I got up there, I liked the vantage point and the solitude, so I stayed for the whole show :-) I kicked off my boots, got out my camera and leaned on the railing. My perch was perpendicular to the audience, so I could watch their reactions as well as the concert visuals, which was cool; in Berlin in 2011, I was in a group of about 12 people, all standing just feet from the cube walls, and I didn't get the big picture like I did in Copenhagen.

The show itself was shorter than Berlin, 'compact' as one reviewer called it I think. There were new visuals mixed in with the familiar ones, and the play of light and shadow around the guys was much more engaging/revealing than in Berlin. I try not to whine about setlist choices, but I *really* would have liked to hear 'Sequential', and 'Look Kids' would have been great too. But honestly I liked all the songs they did play, so if that's what they had time for, I'm good with it :-)

As I've said, I loved seeing 'Tell the babes' finally, and here is my recording of it (although the sound is not that great):

When the concert was over, people seemed to think there would be more, despite the very clear 'End of communication' sign on the cube walls. People stayed seated for a little while, until the lights came up a bit and it was clear there was no more to the performance. A bunch of us had a couple of beers at the bar and took photos together, and the band members came out a while later and were pretty social too. Around midnight, the staff started moving us all towards the doors, so we left the gallery and went in search of a place to have a couple more drinks. In the end I got back to my hotel around 4:30am, I still had energy but knew I needed some rest if I was going to see the city with my local friend Heidi on Saturday.

I got up around 11:00, and amazingly my feet were not as tired as I thought they would be by that point in the trip. Heidi met me at the train station, we had Mexican food for lunch, and then did some sightseeing. My favorite part was the canal cruise, the weather was (again) perfect, and I was able to see more of the city than I expected. We had a really nice time, but again it was very quiet compared with London. I said goodbye to Heidi and later met up with another fan for drinks and dessert, and got back to my hotel by 10:30 to pack for my morning departure.

There is more to the Copenhagen story, but as they say, 'The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence.' I am so glad I went, and while some things that happened confused me, other things were enlightening. Also it's great to now have a 'big' experience like Berlin and a more relaxed concert like Copenhagen for comparison. But like others have said recently, I have seen the cube now twice and would much prefer a gig of a different sort - not sure what that would be, but yeah, something where you can see the guys enjoying their own music and interacting more with the audience :-)

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