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first impressions

Back home now for a few hours from my whirlwind trip to London and Copenhagen. Will share a longer account later, but for now check out 'Tell the babes' from SMK on Friday night:

I recorded this song as well, but I don't think the sound is that good; however the perspective could be cool in comparison because it's filmed from the glass-sided staircase above the cube. Will upload it tomorrow soon.

Since I was recording and holding the camera still, I couldn't dance of course - but my heart was dancing at finally hearing it live :-) Actually my heart got quite a workout all weekend, from seeing friends and from a few personal experiences that I am still kind of working through. But that's what I like about these trips, they are a chance to step very far away from everyday life and notice things, really notice things you perhaps don't look too closely at usually. I've put some pieces together that make me happy and I unfortunately have some regrets that I can't do anything about. For the most part though, it was a really wonderful experience.

More soon ~

EDIT: link to my photos on Flickr

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