romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

Martin Halla - Winter Days

Today Martin's debut album was released in Norway: [Track listing and credits]

I happened to be online late last night and remembered the album was coming out in Norway, so I logged into my Norwegian iTunes account and sampled all the tracks. I only had 22,00 kr in my account and the album cost 95,00 kr, so until my friend and I exchange new iTunes gift cards, I had to decide which two tracks I would download right away ;-)

Standout tracks on the first sampling were 'If he's the one' (love its honest sweet longing) and 'Time's up' (delightful piano and cool jazz vocals - really entrancing atmospheric track), so I downloaded those and have been listening to them a lot today. The album seems cohesive and is really easy to listen to, I don't know how it fits within the current Norwegian music scene but I hope it does well.

Saw this comment on the a-ha Facebook post about the album that is so very yes: "I hope the writing gives Magne the motivation to write some more material for himself. Would love a new album from him. Still listen to 'A Dot of Blue...' frequently. More so than 'Foot of the Mountain' actually."

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