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server has gone away

Web geekery update - feel free to skip this post if you're not interested!

~ I am finished with all my fan site link research - or at least all that I can do since some sites require membership to access their content - so now all I have to do is finish building pages with all the info I've collected. That's the fun part, so I should be able to get through that relatively quickly :-)

~ I've got 98 posts completed and my list of posts to do is still growing, and there are over 250 links still on my list to include on these new posts, which is crazy! I think the finished archive will have close to 130 or 140 posts, which is kind of amazing to me even though I have been collecting the links for years now.

~ I've connected with a fan in Norway who is willing to do some translations of older media and interviews, so now I need to figure out how the translations will be presented as they come in. In Wordpress, posts get shown in the blog feed view, so I don't want them there; the other option is to post translations as pages, which is fine with me but presents a navigation challenge. You can't tag and display pages in categories the way you can with posts. So I *think* the best way to display the translations is linked within the main subject post.

This is ok if people are looking for info on that topic, but I have a vague feeling that the translations will need to be accessible in another format, via an index or so. People will come to the site and find all these Norwegian articles linked from the individual posts, and be overwhelmed with what they don't understand - and will want to know conveniently what they can read in English. And since I don't want to have to go back and build an index after they're all done, I kinda need to set out with a plan in mind so I can do it along the way.

~ So, an unexpected issue: what thumbnail to use for posts about events that haven't happened yet or there are no pictures available? So far I've been fortunate to have some kind of image to associate with pending events and releases (such as the In Transit cover or the boys choir photo), but now there are a few things I want to post but I don't have anything to use for the thumbnail - for example the suite at The Thief, the Copenhagen concert, Magne's art opening in London and the opera about Julia Pastrana.

Remember I had the same difficulty with past performances where there were no setlists and no photos? I came up with this silly thumbnail to use for those:

So maybe the answer for the future posts is to have a 'photo to come' or some kind of abstract thumbnail until I can replace it with something from the actual event. Hmmm.

~ Since December, I've had intermittant problems with my SQL server returning errors when I go to the site. Right now I am pretty much the only one going there, so it's no big deal - except when I get bumped off the site in the middle of working grmbl - but when the site launches publicly, I definitely don't want that to keep happening. I've been working with my host for the past couple of weeks on an error 'WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query...' and so far they haven't been much help with this. I did some research on my own and modified the wp-db.php file to extend the timeout window, and that didn't help. I removed all plugins I am not using, made sure I had updated versions of the remaining plugins and the theme, and still this keeps happening. And now my host is telling me that I am on an old hosting plan and need to migrate my sites to a new server - and this includes the WOTM forum and that huge database. SIGH.

So bottom line: apart from my wandering server, things are moving along rather nicely :-)

In other news, I am hoping to make it to both Magne's opening in London and the Copenhagen concert. It's hard to resist a weekend that includes both an art event and a concert, not to mention two chances to see friends :-)

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